Destiny: The Taken King Review in Progress - Looking Good So Far Guardian | COG

COG Writes: After two solid days of playing at Bungie, we have most of our review written for you; however, we want to dig deeper and play the upcoming raid to wrap it all up. For now, here is the majority of the review to hold you over until then.

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MRBIGCAT1129d ago

Looks promising, can't wait to fire Destiny up again.

generalwinter1129d ago

I really like how the Destiny team has committed to making the game better, and constantly adding to it. That's the way to do a franchise.

GrapesOfRaf1129d ago

Bungie lost me after the Crota DLC. If they decide to release Destiny 2 or something, I'll pick it up but by now there are just too many other good games to play for me to bother updating Destiny.