Why You're Wrong To Criticise Indie Games On PS4

Play: "The PS4 and PS Plus get a lot of criticism for the prevalence of indie games on the platforms. Here's why that criticism just isn't warranted."

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with indies, but when you are using them as a major selling point for your new $400 next gen console, I have an issue.

Rimeskeem1224d ago

But they are using them as ONE of the major selling points.

freshslicepizza1224d ago

this is more about playstation plus, not the selling points of owning a ps4. the question is why is sony holding back retail games to be offered on plus? can anyone explain why even games like knack were never offered?

i play tons of indie games. some good ones are thomas was alone, shovel knight, rocket league, volume, transistor and many more. but you can buy humble packs for dirt cheap like this one,

all those games for $15. so it makes you wonder why the $50 a year membership includes mostly indie games.

Spotie1224d ago

A major selling point is fine. After all, these are video game consoles, and indies ate video games.

If they were THE major selling point, there'd be a problem, they're not.

S2Killinit1224d ago

Couldnt have said it better. Bubble for you.

S2Killinit1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Problem with that statement is that the word indie is a slippery slope. Was Helldivers indie? I mean where do we draw the line. I personally think that anything people enjoy should be good enough to be a selling point. I think such a mentality serves us gamers better no? Or do we just want big budget ad campaigns and glittering fluff?

_-EDMIX-_1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Agreed. Many kept calling Everybody's Gone To The Rapture indie and even Wild....both are actually not, they are owned and being published by a major publisher. Big budget games should not be the focus to sell systems, GOOD GAMES SHOULD BE, period.

The reality is...we don't know where the next big IP will come from, it came come from small teams, it can came from large, it came come from published titles or self published titles.

At the end of the day, people buy consoles to play good games, good games are not exclusive to AAA or indie as I have not clue why the team or IP being owned matter to a consumer.

Put it this way.....SunSet Overdrive is indie as its not owned by MS, it owned by the team that created it...

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture is not indie as its owned and published by Sony.

Very, very funny when you really, really look at what independent means. It has almost nothing to do with some sorta of quality or expectation etc.

Star Citizen is an indie game....its not owned by a major publisher, its being self published and crowd funded...

What on earth is being owned really doing for a game's appeal? Why would a company not show off a title that has amazing promise because its not owned? I many of us even KNOW who makes our games and who 100% owns what in the games we play?

Does that even factor into what a game is?


Soooooo can you see the publishing and indie? LMFAO! That is like saying you can see the difference from a new car bought using cash vs bought using credit.

I mean....if we put "Sony published" next to Hellblade, how much would that really change for gamers? So we not buying games because they fun anymore? LMFAO! A sad day in gaming when someone is buying a game based on if its owned...

Aloy-Boyfriend1224d ago

Except indies aren't being used as major selling point for PS4. They are just nice extra stuff. That's all!

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_-EDMIX-_1224d ago

I know right bro, so you would have an issue with Sony or MS showing this game off on their platform right? I do know that CDPR holds the IP and self published that game right?

LMFAO! Soooooo what your saying is games like The Witcher 3 should not be used as bullet points to sell PS4's or XONEs...I mean, they are not owned bro! they are INDEPENDENT, just wrong right bro?


Do you not hear how silly that might sound? Sooo don't use good games to sell a system based on who owns the IP and is publishing the title? AWWWW I see.

How is COD and AC doing for ya every year?

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thebudgetgamer1224d ago

Some of the best games I have played over the past nine years have been indies. Too many blow everything up games for mr, they bring a nice balance.

Aloy-Boyfriend1224d ago

If No Man's Sky doesn't come to Xbox, then it could be said it will be the No Man's Console

Justiceleague1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Sony is focus on GAMES by any means necessary. Doesn't matter if its indie games, Exclusives, AAA games, Multiplatform games.Their focus on games and that's their true identity like they said in February 2013 and E3 2013. Microsoft was confused at 2013 E3. When they talked about DRM and always online that's when I stopped being interested in their vision.

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