NHL 16 PS4 and Xbox One review: Redemption that is nearly perfect - Examiner

The first new-generation only installment of NHL left gamers wanting, and with the disappointing showing last year's game delivered, a stellar showing from NHL 16 was all the more important. Not only does NHL 16 make good on so much that NHL 15 lacked, but it delivers one of the best iterations of the series in years.

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SkippyPaccino1127d ago

The day the player stats reflect the players overall rating is the day a sports game will be worth a perfect score. If i can manage to take "Joe Turtle" with a rating of 75 to back to back scoring tittles and back to back playoff mvp, he should be worth more than a 4th round pick in a trade. Common sense ?


MadMax1127d ago

Thats funny, because it not only looks the same, but plays the same! They add a couple new modes, so it gets a good review??? Lol, what a joke! Ill stick with NHL15 i guess.