VR vs. PlayStation VR – Sony’s New Name is Simply Perfect

VRFocus delivers the latest entry in its 'VR vs.' series, this week looking at the rebranding of Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR.

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VenomUK1221d ago

PlayStation VR is a name that is straight to the point so this is great rebrand.

Although I have become kinda attach to Morpheus and maybe it will be used in another way, such as the PSVR Morpheus Training Suite!

uth111221d ago

straight, to the point and "Playstation Motion Sickness Inducer" didn't go over well with the focus groups, so VR it was! /s

donthate1221d ago

I think PS VR is the most uncreative name ever, but it could have been worse, it could have been name Playstation Vita!

So I guess it is safe to say no PC integration then, uh?

Think I will take an Oculus Rift instead as it stands unless the price gap is huge. However, I suspect PS VR will rival Oculus Rift in price, because of the "Sony" brand.

kevco331221d ago

VR is the buzzword of now, so it makes sense...

sammarshall1021221d ago

Morpheus is 100 times better

zeuanimals1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Sony's putting themselves at the forefront. They're directly associating themselves with the medium and they're making a product that's easily recognizable just by name. Nobody's going to wonder "what is that?" unless they don't know what VR is.

The fact that they are associating themselves directly with VR means that Playstation VR, PSVR, etc. will simply be "VR" in many households, similar to how "Playstation" simply means console in many European countries.

Sure, it's not as unique, but it's gonna get the job more than done whereas Morpheus would've confused a lot more people.

morganfell1221d ago

Agreed. As I stated earlier, I think it drastically cuts down the confusion for the average non-savvy consumer. It's clean, direct, and keeps the PlayStation association with VR in the forefront.

Why o why1221d ago

anyone who uses vr in their device will seem like a follower or copier. It's a smart move by sony.... Only apple would have the balls to come later and re-brand vr by putting an 'i' in front of it.....that seems to fool a whole heap of people into believing apple were the pioneers of whatever tech

donthate1221d ago


"anyone who uses vr in their device will seem like a follower or copier."


Or anyone seeing it thinks, man how un-creative. If they can't figure out a name, how can I expect a product to even be good?

Even Playstation Virtual Reality would have been a better name, because at least to a normal consumer they can understand "virtual" and "reality" as just that. Most don't know what "VR" means or is short for.

It's like Nintendo named the Wii console "motion control" console, but instead abbreviated it to "mc" console. It's short and too the point too!

zeuanimals1221d ago


VR's been a part of public vernacular for quite a while, with its use in movies, TV shows, etc. for decades with the term VR attached to the devices in said movies, TV shows, etc. Meanwhile, I've never heard anybody use "MC" in that way. MC can also easily be mistaken for Emcee (as it uses both spellings) and MC is more commonly associated with the Emcee meaning. I'm not even sure if VR is used in any other way other than as an abbreviation of Virtual Reality.

Why o why1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Ps-vr rolls a little better off the tongue. Just call it what it is. With that boring name some are saying, theres no ambiguity, no confusion. Trust me...the term vr hasn't been overused in recent times for it to be stale but is still a very recognisable term. Vr is sure Morpheus screams 'I bet you know what I am' to the average joe right

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stalepie1217d ago

It had to change. It's too closely associated with the Matrix movies.

Although if the Wachowskis want to produce a game for PSVR any time, Im all for it..

wakeNbake1221d ago

Way to be original Sony, I kinda liked that Playstation RealEyes name in that fake leak a while back.

Immorals1221d ago

I really don't like that name. Morpheus sounded futuristic and intriguing, whilst playstation vr just sounds like something from the virtual boy era!

_-EDMIX-_1221d ago

The project name didn't convey what the device was. If you told someone you tried Morpheus....they may think your talking about drugs lol

But really now, to say VR, is to directly market to what it actually is. Its a good idea and Morpheus was never its final name, just like Dolphin wasn't Gamecube's, just like Orbs wasn't PS4's, just like NX likely isn't the next Nintendo console's name, just like Revolution was what the Wii was called.

They are simply working on what they should call it and giving it a place holder name.

Even the name Deep Down for Capcom's game is actually a working title, it may not be that when it actually releases.

Immorals1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I know why they did it, but they could have been a lot more imaginative which is basically the next evolution in gaming.

It's such a boring name, it's almost like them renaming the Dualshock to just 'Playstation controller'

Edit; I meant when the Dualshock released.

And to be honest, most of the consumer Base they are aiming for know what morpheus is. It's not gonna be cheap enough for people to go 'it's got the playstation name, let's just buy it!'.

Guess I'll just have to deal with it, I'll still call it Morpheus

LeCreuset1221d ago

That analogy doesn't fit. They aren't worried about brand recognition with the controllers. 1) Most people are able to just look at a controller and tell what it is. 2) Every system comes with a dual shock, so even the most casual consumer will quickly catch on to what controller they need for their system.

_-EDMIX-_1221d ago

Because of just what they are trying to convey, they don't have room for what sounds "cool" they need to have room for what sound recognizable.

They need 100 people hearing VR and knowing what VR is vs 100 hearing "Morpheus" and asking Matrix questions lol

Though I'm merely joking, you have to realize that it comes down to what makes someone think of the medium in less then 2 seconds. VR is easily understood before you even put the Playstation next to it.

Its not about what sound cool or "imaginative" its about what can be convey very effectively and fast. VR fits that nicely and I'm not sure what the name will do to hurt consumers other then not knowing what it'll know what VR means before something like Morpheus lol. Believe it or not...I still have friends that ask exactly what Morpheus is or what Oculus Rift is....yes.

If it was just called "VR" their is not question about what my friends would have remembered using or seeing or hearing about etc.

Its called exactly what it is, straight to the point.

stalepie1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

it sucks in that it can't be used without "PS" or "playstation" in front to know what device is meant... though "vita" as a word is latin and found elsewhere, it's unusual enough in context you don't need to put "PS" in front every time you say it.

Maybe "Morpheus" can be used informally, just as some people still say "psx" to mean the first playstation?

it does kind of line up with acronyms all right, like PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PSV, PS4, PSVR

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