After GTA IV & FF XIII, will PS3 & Xbox 360 get more joint releases?

This console generation is in a very healthy state right now, and us gamers are benefiting immensely. With Grand Theft Auto IV and Final Fantasy XIII appearing on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, and released on the same day, is the idea of third-party exclusives now over?

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Zerodin4359d ago

Devs hate having to add extra stuff to games, just to make up to the side that didn't get it along side the initial release.

Viktor E4359d ago

Critics and Gamers alike will be able to fully experience Hi Definition Visuals with Crisp Audio,all thanks to the superior and much praised Blu Ray Format and CELL Processor

yankeespawn4359d ago

You seem like a racist Zerodin?

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power of Green 4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

Sure whatever, I guess MSFT is lucky sense they're so new in the industry they are not losing console defining exlusives/company building franchises.

Viktor E4359d ago

AAA Titles that are Exclusive to the Playstation Family

morganfell4359d ago

No, there will be more PS3 exclusives. As companies that aren't interested in the Wii seek to push the edge they are going to turn to the PS3. The Idtech5 debacle is just the beginning.

The PS3 sales are beginning to ramp up in a very serious way and companies want a title ready in 2 years when the PS3 has become the top seller. It will still be chasing the Wii in over all numbers but it will be outpacing all consoles by then.

psnSkareFace4359d ago

how can u disagree wif dat hes only saying Titles that are Exclusive to the Playstation Family

Viktor E4359d ago

FFF Titles that are Exclusive to the failing Xbox 360 Platform

Viktor E4359d ago

The 4 Companies that have Dinner together to discuss how to further eliminate the company that is being sued by the Chinese Government,that is,the rip off Artists known as Microsoft Corporation

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4359d ago

*opens bottle of victory wine*

Viktor E4359d ago

Games that are coming to the Ps3 due to Tomonobu Itagaki being Fired for failing to Innovate and Energize the Industry like Hideo Kojima has done

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The story is too old to be commented.