Latest Official WWE 2K16 Gameplay Clip Revealed

Chris Mawson writes: "Hot on the heels of the final WWE 2K16 roster reveal yesterday, the game’s developers have released a new minute-long gameplay clip from the upcoming wrestling sim."

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SEGAKIDD1127d ago

Have they shown any ps4/one gameplay or is this last gen?

Skate-AK1127d ago

Everything has been current gen.

SEGAKIDD1127d ago

Thanks for the reply, i actually thought this was last gen based on gfx ^_^

what do you think?, it seems OK but i was expecting much more

Skate-AK1123d ago

It's not too bad. I have 2K15 and this looks better to me, also the compression on YouTube is making it look worse. The hair physics are way better on 2K16 than 2K15 and the divas look a lot better. I am talking about current gen, never played last.