Kiryu Is Looking Pretty Pumped Up In Yakuza Kiwami’s First Trailer

Sega revealed Yakuza Kiwami as the “ultimate remake” of the first Yakuza game in the series during the SCEJA Press Conference 2015. The game’s first trailer shows some of what’s new.

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Ashlen1155d ago

Oh man this Yakuza info is actually pretty gut wrenching. I should be really excited, but I know there is a good chance none of this will ever get translated.

*shakes fist in air* SEGA!!!

morganfell1155d ago

Why? We have another Yakuza title coming to the West this year. If it sells others will follow. Also Japan in general is looking at a more international picture for games publishing. I just picked up Nobunaga's Ambition on the PS4. That is an even more niche product. I would say the odds are very good for future Yakuza titles in the West.

jon_snow1155d ago

Yakuza 6 is PS4 exclusive meaning Sega is gonna release it to west compared to other in series which were cross gen.

AizenSosuke1155d ago

Yakuza 1 remake+Yakuza 6= Sony hydrogen bomb dropped!

Chaos_Raiden1155d ago

Please, Sony save Yakuza series again if Sega refuses to translate this. Will definitely get Yakuza 5 on PSN.

SaiyanFury1155d ago

What would inspire Sony to fund more Yakuza games coming to the west is lots of preorders for Yakuza 5. I already have mine on preorder for whenever they decide to release it on PSN later this year, and I never preorder games. I decided to do my part to help Sony make the good decision to bring more Yakuza games here. If they could bring this remake over here I would be beyond ecstatic.

DanielGearSolid1155d ago

are they re-doing the audio? if not, technically its already localized, right?!? (false hope)

hkgamer1155d ago

hoping it gets an international release. but I doubt it.

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