Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Show Car Revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

Bugatti has fully pulled back the curtain on details pertaining to their VGT concept for GT6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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italiangamer2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Oh look! Gran Turismo once again is proven to be THE driving game of choice by the REAL WORLD AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY! This Bugatti has even a plate with Kazunori Yamauchi signature on it:

Yamauchi is a person respected by everyone in this industry, something I cant say about the competition.

triple_c2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I agree, whether people love it or hate it, Gran Turismo is the father of driving simulators and it is known as THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR in the automotive industry and in professional motorsport racers eyes. That's what makes it the best

AizenSosuke2149d ago

It's sexy and I know it:) (Reference).