Ten Essential Gear that Gamers Need

Zack Rovinsky of writes:

"If you play games, and I mean REALLY play games then you know that you need a whole lot more than just a console, a TV and software. This guide to game accessorizing will help you bring your experience to the next level and ensure that you will be prepared for every gaming situation short of getting kicked out by your parents."

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n00bFRAGGER4919d ago

No game fuel! This is an outrage!(sarcasm)

giantchicken4919d ago

I lol'd at the parents line.

Mastersnake104919d ago

I'd also put headsets in there. I hate it when people are online and don't have headsets on. I want to slap them.

whoknew4919d ago

I know, thats why everyone hates the PSN.

JWork08254919d ago

Why does everyone that plays online need a headset. I have one but i use it to talk to my actual friends when i am playing with them. I hate it when everybody in the lobby of cod4 has a mic and is just talking about nothing and i cant hear anything. So why does everybody need a mic?

Cenobia4919d ago

I don't use them because they haven't been implemented in a smart way. Right now all I get is a bunch of annoying background noise, and I would give it if I used one. Games like Warhawk, which have push to talk are the only games I use a mic on, otherwise its just annoying (even Warhawk is annoying now, since they added "always on" in).

In my opinion, controllers need a seperate button for mic communication. L3 is a little annoying since you use that analog stick for gaming. At the very least they should stop using the always on system.

Venomous Fire4919d ago

Its sad because I have every one of those things in my room.... cept DS and PSP, I have a GBA lol

x THE CHEETAH x4919d ago

Any time I see "Essential" gear for gaming in a title, I get excited to hit the link and see some new gadget or idea that I might be missing out on... some new technology or something I haven't heard of. Well... this was obviously not that kind of article... I know the guy writing the article was trying to be funny (and parts made me somewhat grin... well, not really), but his attempt at humor was even weak... oh well...

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The story is too old to be commented.