PES 2016 V FIFA 16 – Who will be Champion? Respawn Rants #2

In the latest video on My Games Lounge, Rossco looks at the two upcoming football games and considers which one will be the champion this year.


Please note, this was recorded before the release of any PES 2016 reviews.

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2139d ago
2pacalypsenow2139d ago

I would get PES but they have almost no team licenses , I gotta have the bundesliga and Premier League

totalrecoilzz2139d ago

pes will be fully licensed because it has option files!!

Masta Kaos2139d ago

So what you saying is that Licences over superior gameplay?

2pacalypsenow2139d ago

@totalrecoilzz Does that apply to the ps4 version if not then it doesn't apply because im playing it on PS4

And fifa gameplay is not that bad,its not like 2k vs Nba Live, also fifa has a better interface and career mode

iceman062139d ago

Yes! There was actually an article yesterday detailing how you can move option files from USB and import them into the PS4 game.

totalrecoilzz2138d ago

yes its on the ps4,,and im sure you could have just googled it as you are on the internet..jesus what is wrong with people these days!

ssj272138d ago

yes.. first you need a pc and a usb

create a folder called WEPES in it you will upload kits emblems manager pictures you can find here http://peskitsallin.blogspo...

import in in the game then add it, wherever they have to go.

there is still few Premier teams without full uniforms but the guy is working in it. konami just explains two days ago how to do them so soon you will have the option to edit the whole game plus add others leagues .. teams. I was just steaming on the PS4 doing this stuff. its pretty simple

3-4-52139d ago

You can make your own team in PES, which for me that is huge as it allows me to care even more about my team rather than use an already established one.

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