10 Jump Scares You Will Never Recover From

Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'Picture this: there you are on a sunny Sunday afternoon playing a video game, relaxing, having fun. Then all of sudden something jumps at you from off screen, or makes the most horrific noise known to man and you find yourself staring in horror at what just happened on your television screen. Jump scares, love them or hate them they always make you feel uneasy but strangely wanting more.'

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c00lvilKid691131d ago

Number seven made me laugh – ‘Outlast – The Whole Game’

I think the spin off, Whistle Blower, was actually scarier though.

Nice to see the Piano from Mario in there too, definitely one to remember.

Maple221131d ago

Outlast is an emotional roller-coaster of a game! Can't say I've played the other one, and after you saying its worse not sure I will either!!

c00lvilKid691131d ago

Just had a look, Outlast: Whistleblower served as the DLC prequel. I remember it being pretty good if you can stomach it =P haha!

Yukes1131d ago

My personal favourite was from Resident Evil 3, when you're in the relative calm of the police station and then - BAM!! - out of nowhere Nemesis smashes through that tiny window at the bottom of the staircase.

Man I jumped so much my controller flew up in the air, Jill was butchered, and I couldn't recollect myself for hours afterwards. Classic.

1noobgamer1131d ago

What a great idea for a feature!!! Would of liked to have send Silent Hill and Until Dawn... scary stuff

Maple221131d ago

It was really tough trying to narrow them down, there are so many great games that scare the bejeezus out of you!

c00lvilKid691131d ago

Definitely, Until Dawn has some great jump scares. Don’t mention Silent Hill, I’m still upset about them axing the latest instalment :(

1noobgamer1131d ago

I think it is a blessing, there would be so many deaths relating to that game... heart attacks would sky rocket

Skellytorx1131d ago

Omg the Resident Evil dogs gave me nightmares! One part of the game I dreaded the most.

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