PS4 Exclusive The King Of Fighters XIV Shines in First Lovely 1080p Screenshots

Ladies and Gentlemen, The King of Fighters is back for PS4, and after the announcement at Sony’s press conference in Tokyo, you can enjoy the first screenshots from The King Of Fighters XIV .

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masterfox1156d ago

HOLY FREAKING [email protected]#%$T!, didn't expect a KoF comeback.

So unexpected and awesome!, need more info now!!!

King of fighters series has always been one of the best fighting games outhere!! hope they bring their awesome music scores too!

Gawd damn I'm so excited didn't expect this :O

jon_snow1156d ago

Street Fighter V, KOF XIV and Guilty Gears Xrd all Top fighting games exclusive or Console exclusive to PS4 making PS4 King of Fighting genre.

Aloy-Boyfriend1156d ago

If only Sony and Konamy could revive Bloody Roar. That would be a very nice addition too

XisThatKid1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

This game was brought up about 2 years ago and no bloody roar can stay where it is lol

Maddens Raiders1156d ago


Yeah a Samurai Showdown remake would be unbelievable. I would also love to see a remade Rival Schools. I would buy both of those games so fast it would make your head spin.

bouzebbal1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

This is insane.. If people ask didn't realize PS4 is the home of fighters this might change their minds.
Remember everyone that Dissidia is also hitting PS4.

No better way to promote a KOF return than by putting exclusive and Kyo Iori fighting.

StrayaKNT1156d ago Show
Septic1156d ago

PS4- undeniably the home of fighters and jrpgs this gen. Uncontested by a country mile and KOF is another nuke in the arsenal. Looks beautiful.

Thatguy-3101156d ago

They just need to bring bloody roar back.

gangsta_red1156d ago

Sorry, but we need a new Bloody Roar game. And the graphics need to be at least Tekken quality. I would love to see a comeback of one the most cherished fighting games besides Psychic Force!

AngelicIceDiamond1156d ago

@Red Awww Psychic Force was a dope game back then.

Concertoine1156d ago

Only thing Xbone has of note is Killer Instinct and Nintendo Smash 4.

Im sure KOF will be good but XIII looks way better stylistically. I know this is early footage but even though the gameplay looks good as ever visually it is bland.

zen_hydra1156d ago

Games which need an iteration in the current generation:
Soul Calibur (with an expansive roster),

Bushido Blade (my hill to die on),

War of the Monsters (come on Sony),

Darkstalkers (filtered through Street Fighter V),

Samurai Showdown/Spirits ("My boiling blood bubbles for battle."),

Power Stone (and a resurgence of 3D arena fighters),

Primal Rage (and more kaiju-based fighting games)

Give me new versions of these games and I won't bother you for a while.

Akuma2K1155d ago

@Madden Raiders

A Samurai Showdown remake on PS4 would be awesome, definitely icing on the

XisThatKid1155d ago

I would love some new party fighters
Like Power Stone. At least re release collection on PSN so it's payable on ps3/4
KOF is my 2nd or 3rd fav of all time next to Guilty Gear and Mortal Kombat.

chrisco84au1155d ago

Let's all be realistic here.

If this game was announced as Multiplatform. 99% off the trolling negative comments would be nowhere to be seen.

Sad but true.

We are ALL GAMERS!!!! Why can't people respect other people who love the same hobby but might play on a different companies console?

Every damn exclusive games thread (PS4 or XBONE) is derailed by the same numb nuts spouting the same fanboy dribble.

/rant (sorry)

cell9891155d ago

All they have now is Killer Instinct

darthv721155d ago

Oh look... it's king of fighters maximum impact 3.

The first two were good. The third looks to continue the trend.

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AndrewLB1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I have a feeling this is a timed exclusive and wouldn't be surprised if they also released this on PC considering King of Fighters XIII: Ultimate Edition did pretty well on steam.

The same goes for Guilty Gear. ARC System Works released Guilty Gear XX and BlazBlue on PC, and a port would be super simple considering it uses Unreal Engine.

It's good to see that many Japanese developers finally taking notice of the booming PC gaming market. In just the last couple years we've seen releases from Capcom, Sega, Namco Bandai, and Square Enix... all companies who historically have stayed away from PC.


Who's trolling? I just glanced at the first half of the page and didn't see anything. Or were you just trying to make a preemptive attack on the xbots?


never mind... i see what you're talking about. The trolls did arrive in force. lol.

DVAcme1155d ago

@Concertoine I agree on the graphics. I'm a HARDCORE KOF fan, so I've been waiting for this announcement for years already, but the characters look really plastic and expressionless, like early PS2 CG cinemas. Compared to the much more expressive characters in Street Fighter and even Tekken, it looks underwhelming.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm buying the $#!+ out of this game, it's f*(king King of Fighters, after all. But let's not mince words here, SNK could work a little more on those character models.

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Yi-Long1156d ago

I really wish they would bring back Samurai Shodown. Such fantastic character design in that series.

lsujester1156d ago

Be nice, but I think I'd rather see Bushido Blade than Samurai Showdown.

triple_c1156d ago

Looks like the PS4 is the king of fighters just like the PS3 was last gen.

See what I did there? lol :)

Magicite1156d ago

PS4 is gonna become king of fighting games.

magiciandude1156d ago

Graphics look just as bad, if not worse, as Devil's Third on the Wii U. Characters look uninspiring as ever also. There's nothing to be excited about.

callahan091156d ago

The game looks fine. It's about gameplay, animation, framerate, and controls. The graphics are *more than* serviceable, it's nothing to complain about. There is plenty to be excited about if you like the franchise and believe they'll pull off the gameplay. It's not always about having a new graphical powerhouse to showcase your entertainment center, or whatever.

magiciandude1156d ago

My brand new laptop almost fell off my lap laughing so hard at this. The nonsense on show here is unbelievable. The game is one of the worst looking games I've seen in a long time, possibly the worst of the entire generation. I can find dozens of PS3 games that look better than this. Some in native 1080p also.

KoF is an awesome franchise, no doubt about that...with the exception of this game, so it looks.

XanderZane1155d ago

I agree. Meh.. doesn't look impressive at all to me. It could be 1440K and I still wouldn't be impressed. There was video of the gameplay at the conference which made it even worse. The animation just wasn't all that good. SFV animation was leagues ahead of what they showed.

remixx1161156d ago

Ps4 the fighting king baby, king of fighters, street fighter and guilty gear, damn this is to crazy.

camel_toad1156d ago

I want a new Samurai Showdown damnit!

lociefer1156d ago

@Maddens Raiders

you had to say samurai showdown didnt you ? now i imagine it with HD graphics and online multiplayer :((( if only ....

81BX1156d ago

Yeah.i wonder what ms is going to do to counter sf and kof? Ki isnt enough to hold down. This gen os crazy with exclusives and timed exclusives and games that were exclusives no longer being so

Last_Boss1155d ago

Lmao at the KI comment, I can't even.

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FlexLuger1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

As a hardcore SNK fan, I agree. When I first saw this article I was expecting gorgeous 2d visuals, or something like gulity gear Xrd. This, just doesnt look like a KOF game in those pics. Ill keep an eye on it though. Hopefully it still plays like a traditional 2D fighter.

I just wanted it to look like this, but better:

Information Minister1155d ago

I think most SNK fans would prefer 2D sprites, nevertheless we all knew that sooner or later they would have to modernize.

But did they really have to make it this bland and boring? It doesn't have the appeal and timeless charm of traditional 2D animation, nor does it have the class of well stylized 3D visuals. It just looks generic and dated, almost like an HD remaster of the Maximum Impact games. Lets just hope they get the gameplay right.

Thomaticus1155d ago

I can't believe there's no sprites!

Deadpool6161155d ago

Indeed. Many of us just wanted to see more KOF characters from past games, brought back in the KOF XIII style.

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LightofDarkness1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Shines? It looks like it could've launched with the PS3, and all that aliasing on a game that looks like that is pretty poor, technically. But more galling is the incredibly bland artstyle. The characters look lifeless. Street Fighter going 3D worked because they utilised an artstyle that preserved the hyper-stylized spirit of 2D fighters. Kyo doesn't even look like Kyo, he looks like a porcelain doll (almost DOA like). After Guilty Gear Xrd on the PS4 as well, they surely must see how this doesn't stack up.

SNK Playmore can be allowed a certain amount of grace due to them not having much experience in 3D games, but I certainly hope the gameplay is intact.

aerisbueller1156d ago

agree 100%. Looks both graphically behind a gen, and stylistically looks like some random one-off 3d fighter from a no-name company.

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blackblades1155d ago

Who cares as long as it's good, besides it's snk not big company like capcom.

Baka-akaB1156d ago

There is nothing lovely about those screenshots

triple_c1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I agree. It looks kind of looks like a PS3 launch game. Hopefully the graphics improve before the game is released.