An Idiot’s Guide To LAN Events – Insomnia 55

Taylor at GameSpew writes: "For most people in the UK, the last weekend of August was a normal bank holiday, a time designed to make people feel better about themselves by allowing them to binge watch Jeremy Kyle all day. However, for some people, the last weekend of August was a call to arms. The beacons were lit at the Ricoh Arena in the land of Coventry, drawing gamers far and wide, from all corners of an area within reasonable driving distance of the Midlands.

This hailed the beginning of the 55th Insomnia Gaming Festival, a LAN of epic proportions, and by that I mean much smaller than Dreamhack but still of a respectable size. What follows is a (slightly exaggerated) taste of what it is like to be cooped up in a room with hundreds of sweaty men for an entire weekend."

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