Tokyo Game Show 2015 Title And Date Round-Up

The Tokyo Game Show 2015 is brimming with new trailers, teasers, some disappointments and even vague release dates for the rest of 2015 and next year. There's a 10-year-old surprise too.

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AizenSosuke1156d ago

Here's a round-up of TGS happenings:

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters - November 24th, 2015.

The officially announced expansion to Bloodborne continuing the merciless action RPG.

"With new story details, learn the tale of hunters who once made Yharnam their hunting grounds, meet new NPCs, and discover another side of the history and world of Bloodborne. Here’s a brief glimpse of just some of what lies in store for you when The Old Hunters launches on 24th November, including Simon’s Bowblade weapon, and new boss enemy Ludwig."

Everybody's Golf (Hot Shots Golf) - 2016

A new entry in the golfing series was also unveiled and it seems this one will have some open world features. There's no concrete date from the TGS announcement except that it's for PlayStation 4.

Gravity Rush 2 (Gravity Daze 2) - 2016

Announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive coming next year, as well as confirmation the original PlayStation Vita Gravity Rush will be re-releasing on PlayStation 4 as well in 2016.

King of Fighters XIV - 2016

A new contender in the brawling franchise as SNK name the latest successor to the crown. No firm date in 2016 yet but we do get a painfully short teaser from the TGS 2015 presentation.

World of Final Fantasy - 2016

Tiny characters and tiny battles in World of Final Fantasy arrives next year on PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - 2016

It's still happening and its scheduled for sometime next year for a Western release on PlayStation 4 whereas Japan can enjoy their faithless integrity adventure late this year on both PlayStation 3 and 4.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Prologue - 2016

Yes that's the name they're going with - it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it? It's a compilation that brings Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance] to the PlayStation 4, and has additional content that serves as a lead into Kingdom Hearts III.

Umbrella Corps - 2016

Capcom infected the event with their own announcement of this competitive third-person shooter. It's based in the Resident Evil universe but we're hired mercenaries taking on other mercs in biological warfare. Battles take place in iconic Resident Evil locations.

NiOh - 2016

This little gem was supposed to have happened ages ago and was announced back in 2005 originally for PlayStation 3, but now its dropped the hyphen and is simply NiOh. It's also become a third-person action samurai title as KOEI Tecmo unveil how they've rebooted the project. It's main character does look like he's trying some Geralt of Rivia cosplay.

It's now coming to PlayStation 4 next year, unless it needs another decade of rebirth...

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My wallet will be destroyed Kaboom!

jon_snow1156d ago

and still it just 1st day of TGS. Still 4 days of awesome to go. Date and Time of other studio press is in link.

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XanderZane1156d ago

Here's a short form.
Bloodborne Expansion 11/24/2015
Everybody's Golf (Hot Shot Golf) (2016)
Uncharted 4 (March 18, 2016)
Gravity Daze (12/10/2016)
Gravity Daze 2 PS4 (2016)
For Honor (Ubisoft)
Assassins Creed: Syndicate (Ubisoft) 11/12/2015
Yakuza: Kawami (SEGA) 1/21/2016
Yakuza 6 (Fall 2016) Ryu Ga Gotoku demo)
King of the Fighters XIV (2016)
Just Cause 3 (2016)
Phantasy Star Online 2 (2016)
SW: Battlefront (11/19/2015)
Once Piece: Burning Blood (Bandai/Namco)
MS Gundam Extreme VS-Force (PSVita)
SangoKushi (PS4/PS3) 13 12/10 (Koei/Temco)
Toukiden 2 (2016 - Koei/Temco - PS4)
Nioh (Koei/Temco 2016 PS4)
World of Final Fantasy (2016 PSVita, PS4)
Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness (SquareEnix) (2/25/2016)
Saga: Scarlet Grace (2016) PSVita
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (SE -2016 PS4)
Dark Souls 3 (From Softare) 3/24/2016
Project Diva: Future Tone (SEGA) 2016
Tokyo RPG Factory game (2016 PS4/PSVita)
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (Atlus)
Biohazard 20th Anniversary (7 Biohazard games) 3/22/2016
Biohazard Umbrella Corps (2016)
Exist Archive - 12/2015 PS4/PSVita (Spike Chunsoft)
Another Game from Spike Chunsoft. Couldn't read the name PS4/PSVita)
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 (SE) PS4/PS3/PSVita
Dragon Quest Builders (SE) 1/28/2016
Montage of Indie games (Many that have already been released.)
Black Ops 3 (Nov 6)
PSNow Beta service coming to Japan 9/16

That's as far as I watched. Actually a decent conference. Several nice new sequels that I'm looking forward to like Everyone's Golf (Hot Shot Golf, Toukiden 2, Gravity Daze 2, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, etc.. New IP's like For Honor, Nioh, 13 Sentinels and Exist Archive. A few collections like Biohazard 20th Aniversary (7 Biohazard games) and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (3 Kingdom Hearts games). Thought they showed more new stuff here then at the E3.

ABizzel11156d ago

2016 may very well be the greatest year of gaming ever if none of these games get delayed.

Gravity Rush 2, Hot Shots Golf, King of Fighters XIV, World of Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, RE Umbrella Corps, NiOh.

That's A LOT of stuff coming to PS4 from JP alone, and still not counting Uncharted, Horizon, Final Fantasy 15 (might as well be exclusive, more than likely is in JP), Street Fighter V, No Man's Sky, Dreams, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Guardian, Hellblade, Rime, PSVR games, and possibly more unannounced games (GT7, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dreams, Sony San Diego, Evolution, Sony Bend, Sony London, Sucker Punch, and more).

2016 is already JAM PACKED, and there should be some huge stuff pushed to 2017 which should be amazing, and some stuff should be ready for 2018 which should also be amazing.

Add a worldwide price drop down to $329 - $349 (2015 - 2016), and one more down to $299 (2017 - 2018), and the PS4 should have chart topping sales for another 3 years.

3-4-51156d ago

World of Final Fantasy, Hotshots Golf & Dragon Quest Builders all have me excited.

Can't wait to see more.

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elarcadia1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Was I the only one extremely disappointed by the SCEJA Press Conference? Nothing on Persona 5 or Kingdom Hearts 3. Oh wait, I forgot they just announced Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to try to placate the fans (not cool SE). The conference was all over the place where they were just showing random clips and then random guys would come out and awkwardly talk. There are some great looking games coming out in Japan, so kudos to them. However, there were games I expected they would talk about (the above along with some others)and they did not touch on anything that was predicted. Oh well, I just hope that Sony has more to show throughout the whole Tokyo Game Show!

Cohagen4201156d ago

The Persona website was just updated.

elarcadia1156d ago

Oooo really now? Off to check it. Thanks!

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vanity291156d ago

Why would atlus have their own event if it was gunna be shown at Sony's conference?

elarcadia1156d ago

I was still hoping for some information. The video game compilation at the beginning of the conference showed both Persona 5 and KH3, along with a whole bunch of other games that weren't even mentioned. Why even show a game you aren't going to mention? It is very deceiving.

ABizzel11156d ago

Persona has it's own show coming up.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a ways off considering they're still making FF15 scheduled for 2016, as well as World of FF which is also 2016. Kingdom Hearts 3 is a 2017 title at the earliest, and possibly 2018 (more than likely on PS4 and NX).

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DigitalRaptor1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

If it already wasn't obvious enough after Capcom and Square Enix started shifting focus to PS4 exclusive development, it's obvious that after this TGS, it's absolutely a return to form the Japanese development scene. Cell architecture and HD development was a set back last-gen. Now, these folks are graciously back where they belong, and thankful for it.

The next few years are going to be utterly glorious for the PS4. Absolutely insanely glorious.

PS2 levels of glorious.