Sony's PS4 Exclusive New Minna no Golf Looks Super-Cute in New 1080p Screenshots

During Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, the house of PlayStation showcased the new chapter of the Hot Shots Golf franchise, New Minna no Golf.

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SaveFerris1128d ago

The trailer and song gave me a toothache.

G20WLY1128d ago

Just can't wait to lap up that golfing sweetness!

nucky641128d ago

absolutely - finally.....a course creator!!!

3-4-51128d ago

I love Hot Shots Golf but that song was absolutely terrible.

Worst, plain, generic lyrics ever in a song.

Still hot shots is nice.

andibandit1128d ago

A japanese game without Giant Swords/Guns
...I'm stunned.

UkrainianWarrior1128d ago

or tentacle rape...
or huge spiky hair..

callahan091128d ago

I love the Hot Shots Golf games, haven't played one in quite a while. Is this coming west, and about when?

SynestheticRoar1128d ago

It's not a Playstation system until Hot Shots arrives.