Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Tokyo Game Show 2015 Website Launched, Stage Event Detailed

GS:" Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain has already been released in all regions but this doesn't mean that the stealth game developed by Hideo Kojima and his team is going to miss this year's Tokyo Game Show. The new iteration of Metal Gear Online, included in The Phantom Pain, has yet to launch and Konami will show more of it in the next few days."

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TheLordOfStuff1127d ago

Konami announces that all the content they made kojima cut will be available for the low low price of $79.99, and you will actually be able to go to camp omega as promised for the low one time price of $9.99!

Seriously though, Konami please sell the franchise to someone who will actually look after it.

adambomb9691127d ago

bullshit! but forreal though? wheres your source? or you just conspiring

TheLordOfStuff1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I was joking...

All the cut content is gone, I doubt there will be any DLC for this game and I would guess that because Konami is no longer in the console gaming business I give it 6_8mths before MGO is offline, unless it makes really good money

also LOL at the buthurt people messaging me about Konami, I don't care. They screwed the pooch with metal gear, deal with it.

BassMan1251127d ago

Actually Konami is still going with their console gaming business with Mercury Steam becomes their main studio and some of former Kojima Production guys are in that studio.
They also still have PES series to go on.

adambomb9691127d ago

Man thats dissapointing anyways haha i would have been happy to know theres more content I just want a more resolved ending. I just felt this ending was great but konami rushed kojima to meet the date and they had to copy and paste parts to make it extensive and coherent as possible but it just sickens me knowing this game could have truly deserved the praise and 10/10s outside of the gameplay if not for fucking konami being one giant piece of shit going down the toilet