Destiny: The Taken King Strikes and Remixed Strikes Video Blowout

Bungie allowed PSLS to take a ton of Destiny: The Taken King gameplay videos demoing the new Strikes, as well as the remixed ones.

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acharlez1127d ago

So much excitement around this game right now.

Glad to see Bungie's new expansion get so much love.

user99502791127d ago

I'm not getting taken king but would like to play 2.0 and see if its a bit more user friendly. Unfortunately my PS4's disk drive is kaput and I'm not motivated to get it fixed.

ninsigma1127d ago

So you bought 400 dollar/euro machine and you're just going to leave it there broken?? Right.

Null1127d ago

I mean the system can download games so if he can't afford to replace the disk drive I can see why he wouldn't want to fix it

Wedge191127d ago

These strikes look awesome and like tons of fun!

GrimDragon1122d ago

My favorite strike is the sunless cell. Very cool boss fight in the dark lite up by gunfire.