Destiny: The Taken King launches today - here are the cheapest prices

Dealspwn: "Year two of Destiny has officially kicked off today with the release of The Taken King expansion. With new areas, new strikes, a whole bunch of new weapons to loot, and the removal of the Light level system, Bungie are essentially using it as a platform to relaunch the game after a divisive first year. The Legendary Edition includes all previously released content alongside the expansion, so we've searched around for the best prices to help former players and newcomers who want to give Destiny's second year a go."

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bggriffiths1127d ago

If you never bought any Destiny DLC. This version is great value for money. Hell, it's cheaper than buying The Taken King as solo DLC. Ridiculous really. Way to slap fans in the face, Bungie/Acti.

1nsaint1127d ago

If you really want it cheap, find a buddy that wants the DLC, both pay half, then download it on your own account but on your buddys console, you can now both play the DLC, even simultaneously when you are both in ur own home.

dont know if it works on playstation but it does on xbox

Nightmar3Demom1127d ago

If that works, it's brilliant

1nsaint1127d ago

it does, i have done it multiple times with a friend, it even works with the full games on demand, everything digital basicly.

The way it works is that you get 2 licences for the game/DLC, one is tied to the console and the other one tied to the account.

you can even do it with stuff you bought previously, you will have to do a license transfer from ur console to your friends.

the one that only has the account license will have to be online though to play, the console licence works both of and online

wakeNbake1127d ago

Doesnt work on PSN, downloads are bonded to your account only, regardless of where its downloaded.

bradfh1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

downloads are bounded to hard drive not account, PSN has primary that locks your license to the box that aloud anyone to play on the box until you deactivate and secondary that you can play from any PS4 only on your user.

ScorpiusX1127d ago

I will wait to see how fast it drops to 20.00 -25.00 before I buy .