PS4 Exclusives Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush Remastered Get 1080p Artwork and Screenshots

During its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference Sony Computer Entertainment announced Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2.

After the press conference, a press kit was distributed, including the coveted first key artwork of Gravity Rush 2, and three screenshots of Gravity Rush Remastered.

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SaveFerris3204d ago

I really like the artwork for this series.

zeuanimals3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I love the artwork as well, but the music... My god, the music. Downtown is probably one of my favorite tracks from any game ever. Seriously, underrated title that's finally getting exposure.

remixx1163204d ago


Sokol3204d ago

Look forward to it, loved the original game when I had the Vita. One of the best music scores I have heard.

Fro_xoxo3204d ago

The more of Kat the merrier. .

I love the art style in Gravity Rush.. It will looks so lush on PS4..

Kal-V33204d ago

I am... conflicted to say the least. On one hand no Vita version on the other HOLY CRAP Gravity Rush 2 looks amazing.

Guess i'll have to be positive and be glad like 10 new games got announced for Vita AND that GR2 look so damned good!

Summons753204d ago

Called it...also can't wait, highly under appreciated game of the Vita.

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OtterX118d ago

Gravity Rush would be an amazing series to be reborn on PSVR2. (sure to make the motion sick squeamish! haha) Anyone who has never played them should pick these games up though, they were really fun, unique/wild gameplay w a lot of style. My only complaint is the Part 2 has a really slow start, but it picks up.

shinoff2183118d ago

I remember when part 2 came out. Part 1 physical copy worth went through the roof.

OtterX118d ago

Nice. I still have have my Gravity Rush physical copy for Vita, but I only owned Remastered + 2 digitally. Wish I had gone physical though.

jznrpg118d ago

I own all of the games physically for Vita and PS4.

Inverno118d ago

Gravity Rush in VR would most likely kill someone lolz. GR2 and the first Mirrors Edge are the only games I've played where I've gotten horrible motion sickness but just couldn't stop playing em. Really hope that motion capture clip really is a movie cause the series deserves more attention.

OtterX118d ago

Ha, yea it would be a bit like Sairento VR (constant 1st person flipping combat), mixed with Detached VR (360 space thrusters) with all comfort settings off, if you've ever played either of those! XD

Eidolon117d ago

GR1/2 would need quite the overhaul to work in VR. If they do make one from the ground up it definitely would work and couldn't be as motionly crazy as some games I've played on the Quest 2, like that Grapple game.

jznrpg118d ago

Loved the first one Vita and second on PS4. Most VR games I’m fine but the nature of Gravity Rush I am not sure I could handle it or not as it may make me feel sick to my stomach. I’d give it a try at least

GoodGuy09118d ago

Gravity rush 1 I really enjoyed but for some odd reason I couldn't as much with the sequel. It was a good game but the controls were very clunky and a game like that just really needs a higher framerate with how precise you need to be. Also everyone is for some reason just absolutely rude towards Kat which got me too annoyed lol.

The visuals and art style were amazing though. If they were to ever make a sequel, you fix these problems, then GR would be great games.

blackblades118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I enjoyed and play the 1st one on vita, i enjoyed there. Then I played the remaster with dlc when it came out. Gravity rush 2 I bought long time ago on ps4 but never got into it. I didnt even make it to 1st quarter of it. Its just what it is, I'll try to get back on to it sooner or later.

Rebel_Scum118d ago

More an adventure game than a JRPG tbh

jznrpg118d ago

Second game felt more rpgish but I agree they are more adventure than rpg