Koei Tecmo Reveal Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo

VRFocus reports on the revelation of a new virtual reality demo version of Dynasty Warriors 8 for PlayStation VR, revealed today.

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killacal131225d ago

Normally I would not be interested in a dynasty warriors title, but virtual reality is another ball game

Erogemaster21225d ago

Because gamers these days need other quote on quote popular franchises in this games engine in order to play them either then that they have add and adhd like you do.

killacal131225d ago

I'm very sorry but I didn't understand you, is that just me?

Army_of_Darkness1225d ago

On the battlefield in VR fighting thousands of soldiers! I'm all for it!

killacal131225d ago

It sounds good doesn't it, I would like a Devil may cry game in Vr too.