Check Out The New PS4 Colored HDD Covers and Metallic DualShock 4 Controllers in Pictures Aplenty

During the press conference held today in Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment showcased four new colors for the DualShock 4, and plenty of colored hard disk drive bay covers.

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killacal132143d ago

I want that charcoal gray controller!

Abriael2143d ago

Yeah, that's the same I want. Too bad I won't be in Tokyo anymore when it comes out >_>

killacal132143d ago

Stay in Tokyo and buy me one! I command you! jk

opoikl2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I'd definitely like to pick up a colored DS4, but I'm holding off on purchasing one hoping Sony releases an updated controller with better battery life.

italiangamer2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

My favourite is the clear one, so many awesome things today from Sony!!!

TLG19912143d ago

Is it just me or are the clear/crystal style consoles the worst thing to ever happen to design?

Feel like we back in the 90s. the others look nice though.

USMC_POLICE2143d ago

I want orange, and an orange vita why is there never orange?

Skate-AK2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I would also like an orange one. There was an orange Vita that only launched in Japan.

brianunfried2143d ago

Never been a fan of the metallic and camo colors. The color is painted on and starts to wear off over time. I like the clear one, but I already have four Dualshock 4s. If I get another one it will be the Anniversary Edition.