Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Gets Lots of New Screenshots, Artwork and Info

Resident Evil is getting a new spin-off titled Biohazard Ubmrella Corps. Capcom has been kind enough to send over a bunch of screenshots, artwork and other information.

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rustyspoon801128d ago

Oh my God. Just when you think Capcom can't destroy the RE brand any further. They announce a multiplayer shooter.

Artemidorus1128d ago

I'm guessing it's PC screenshots...

DragonDDark1128d ago

Its coming to pc? Or ps4 exclusive ?

Artemidorus1128d ago

Said PC and PS4 so just presuming

DarkBlood1128d ago

Huh the price is pretty low then what I expected it to normally be. This seems like a title meant for early 2016 to hold off some of us till thier mainline title or whatnot which capcom likes to releaee in October

NerveGearneeded1128d ago

awesome character design and environments. could be fun for a weekend.

Hugos1128d ago

Yep, they made it again: antoher game will show how good it is to be a Umbrella soldier. The last game with this idea wasn't so special and have minor of bugs. This time they made it on-line shooter and lack of zombies. Trailers shows a little amount of them. Its more PvP action. Maybe its something they want to put into RE7?