PS4 Gets a Price Drop in Japan to 34,980 yen

During its pre-Tokyo Game Show press briefing at the Tokyo Hall in Roppongi, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a price drop of the PS4 for the Japanese market.

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ninsigma1154d ago

I wonder is this a sign of price drops around the world?? Maybe announce Europe price drop at Paris games week and us price drop at the psx event??

miyamoto1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Western PS4 Price Cut announcement imminent at Paris or PlayStation Experience to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PlayStation

Black0ut1154d ago

Imagine how many will sell with a price drop considering how ace the console has been without one!

I_am_Batman1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

While that's possible I wouldn't count on it. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know console sales are relatively weak in Japan compared to EU and NA. PS4 sales in the west probably don't need a boost just yet. But I'm not really following sales numbers closely so I may be wrong.

miyamoto1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Didn't all the PlayStation consoles dropped their prices by the time they get to the 2 year mark?

ninsigma1154d ago

That thought did cross my mind too. Only time will tell really. As of right now though, I'm sure the gamers in Japan are enjoying that news :)

fr0sty1154d ago

They may pull the trigger on the rest of the world too, but only if they see a threat from Xbox One. As of now, Xbox One only stands to pull ahead in America during the last 3 months of the year... and that's only a maybe. Worldwide, it's still very much Sony's game. So, while it is possible we might see a price cut outside of Japan, it's not needed and therefore is doubtful.

morganfell1154d ago

Sony may want to really nail down the holidays and not lose potential future consumers. $293 at the current exchange rate. That is an insane price for a PS4.

Cupid_Viper_31154d ago

I actually think that we may not see a price cut here in the US and the rest of the world because Sony may keep the price as it is to cover for this Japan price cut.

For some reason, my guts tells me that we won't see a price cut until January of next year, which would keep the momentum going until Uncharted 4 gives it another boost. Then comes PlayStation VR with NMS bundled with it, and GT7 later in the year around September/October.

I think the ps4 is poised to sell more in 2016 than it did in 2015...which is crazy. By this time next year it will have an install close to 40+ million.

morganfell1154d ago

January doesn't make any sense. March, yes. January, no. An official price cut here in the States likely will not happen until October. If we get it then it almost surely will come at the Paris Game show and cover both the EU and North America. Anything later than October will begin to miss the brunt of the holiday season.

fr0sty1154d ago

Keep in mind that the PS4 didn't launch at much of a loss, and is likely profitable now especially after a hardware revision. So, they have some room to take a financial hit to gain even more market share. It would pay off for them in the software sales sector, as well as giving them room to promote their other services, like PSN's movie rentals, PSNow, PSVue, etc.

Even if they only broke even or even took a loss on each console after cutting the price worldwide, that extra install base could pay off big time when it comes to the success of their other initiatives that rely on PlayStation as the trojan horse to get them into our living rooms.

scientificreasoning1154d ago

X1 is not making up the gap in 1 has much better bundles and deals planned this year, not just a black fri remstered games bundle.

freshslicepizza1154d ago

it cost less to make the ps4 now than it did two years ago, why would sony not pass the savings to the consumer? it happens with tv's, it happens with computers, so why not game consoles?

G20WLY1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Consumers: "I'll happily give you 400 for it"
Manufacturer: "No, really, just give us 300"


freshslicepizza1154d ago

"here is a game i hope you like for $60"

"awesome game, thanks"

"because so many have enjoyed the game and have been so supportive of us we are going to offer free dlc"

"wow, that's great thank you. i cannot wait for your next game"

"oh by the way, the game has been out a year and we just dropped the price"

new potential consumer
"awesome, i heard great things about it and will be picking it up now"

sactownlawyer9161154d ago

Hopefully this comes west as well.

FoxyGotGame1154d ago

Great for Japan! ...

But can the (We)st expect a PS4 price drop @PSX 2015 event? Sony doesn't really need to since PS4 sells so incredibly well ...but it would be nice /

Omegasyde1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

PSX is in December- If there was a price drop it would be before black Friday in NA.

Rest of the world - no clue. Unless they plan on knocking down all 500 GB PS4's to 299USD(and EURO equivalent) to phase them out and only carry the 1TB version. I definitely see that happening.

History will repeat itself. Look at the PS3 price drops. Most price drops came with a new model shortly there after which usually came with more storage.

italiangamer1154d ago

What if they announce a worldwide price cut in Paris? If I am not mistaken it is on the same day as Halo 5 launch so saying that the PS4 will be available at 299$ would literally kill that game even before it launched!

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