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Bennibop1753d ago

Seems a sensible choice and should help avoid confusion.

Me-Time1753d ago

I think so, too. Project Morpheus seems more like an expert's device. Without realizing it, Sony made the right choice by changing its name, especially since they want it to be a lasting product.

PlayStation has ALWAYS worked for them.

galgor1753d ago

Exactly. The name explains itself which is important when targeting the masses.

ninsigma1753d ago

Project Morpheous was better lol. Playstation VR sounds like it's a sub section of the playstation department rather than an actual device. But regardless of that, the name won't determine whether the device is any good or not so here's to hoping that it can pull it off with some incredible gaming experiences!

DeletedAcc1753d ago

the name playstation vr for a vr device is bad, huh? pathetic

its simple, serious and not confusing.

morganfell1753d ago

I think it drastically cuts down the confusion for the average non-savvy consumer. It's clean, direct, and keeps the PlayStation association in the forefront.

ninsigma1753d ago

When did I say it was bad?? I said project morpheous was better, because that's what I think. You need to get a grip along with everyone else disagreeing as if I'm some xbox troll saying negative things about it. People around here are getting crazier by the day.

morganfell1753d ago


Before advising others to "get a grip", examine our impersonal, calm, and simply stated replies. Then read your own most recent post in this thread berating others and telling them they are crazy. Which response seems somewhat off kilter?

ninsigma1753d ago

I'm just pointing out that it's a bit ridiculous to call someone pathetic for stating they prefer one name over another. Don't you agree?? And the fact the disagrees are piling up as if I was trolling (which I never do and am a playstation fan first and foremost).

Death1753d ago


Not confusing at all.

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OB1Biker1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

People need to calm down and dont worry so much about disagrees. Anyone can disagree with a comment, theres nothing wrong with that.
I think most people will see PSVR is actually better at least from a marketing point of view.
I disagreed with you and I disagreed with the one saying its pathetic.

ninsigma1753d ago

I don't really care about the disagrees, or being being called pathetic for that matter. It was more of an off hand comment of my annoyance that something as boring as my first comment garnered (very quickly) a lot of disagrees (gives me the impression that people think I'm trolling) and somehow warrants being called pathetic.

And yes from a marketing standpoint I agree that playstation VR makes a lot more sense because a lot of people don't know what project morpheous is and probably don't even know Sony have a VR solution at all. I just preferred project morpheous personally. It was cool and different, just like occulous rift is a cool name for that device.

solar1753d ago

There is a perfect solution to disagrees the entire time this site has been up. If you disagree, you have to post.

andrewer1753d ago

Playstation was always more direct, is the only one following an actual sequence (PS1, PS2, PS3...) opposed to Xbox that goes around and Nintendo that sometimes it's cool like N64 and sometimes it's...Wii U hehe. Just their style, there's no problem with it. And name an actual product as a "Project" is weird as hell IMO, and a product called only "Morpheus" would seem like human trafficking. Just saying ;)

ninsigma1753d ago

Ah yeah it makes way more sense, I just liked the idea of it having a strange name lol I'm probably just used to calling it morpheous that's why xD

@wow below
Wii u isn't that bad of a console (name is though). It could do with a few more mature titles on top of the games it has and some third party support but other than that I enjoy the wii u games.

Davi1231753d ago

I agree with you, PS Morpheus sounds better.

WowSoChill1753d ago

"the name won't determine whether the device is any good or not"

Not true, see Wii U....

SegaGamer1752d ago

But the Wii U isn't bad, lame name but it's still fun. The Xbox One is a bad name too but that doesn't suck either.

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WeAreLegion1753d ago

Sweet. Can't wait to try it at PS Experience. Anyone else going?

triple_c1753d ago

I wish I could go.. If it was in NY I would deff go but unfortunately it's not. You're lucky bro. Enjoy the show man.

fattyuk1753d ago

ill be trying it at egx :D

Yetter1753d ago

Im going to TGS in three days and plan to try it out there

FallenAngel19841753d ago

Of course, Sony wants a lot of things under the PlayStation brand

WowSoChill1753d ago

Yea maybe because it involves Playstation, who would of thought