Midnight Club 3 Minute Video & Hands On Article

Addict Gaming Writes: "Today Sam "152" Becker & Simon "Sim152" Win were sent down to Australia's G03 Gaming conference, to get an exclusive look at Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Keep reading to hear our thoughts on the game and we also have Photos & Videos of the game which can be found at the bottom of the article, Enjoy!

The Build we played only had one playable car, a Shelby Mustang, which seemed a little sluggish and cornered like a concreted hippo, which isn't helped by the fact that your NOS does not regenerate, unlike the Need for Speed series. This often leaves you cruising around corners at snail's pace, especially in low powered cars. For a first time "Midnight Clubber" like me, high speeds were extremely difficult to maintain, the e-brake does help you out a lot with cornering, however in this build if you misused it your car would spin out and most likely send you flying into an invincible tree."

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