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DarkOcelet1127d ago

It doesnt look half bad for a PSN title. I was hoping for a RE7 or RE2 Remake reveal though.

morganfell1127d ago

It does look good. I was also intrigued by some things the video was pointing out relating to control mechanisms.

DarkOcelet1127d ago

It kind of looks like Operation Raccoon City done better. I am interested in this title but i hope RE7 is far from it in terms of mechanics.

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

bud I'm just happy I saw a ZOMBIE looking to bite for a change vs random solider guy shooting at me! lol.

@DarkOcelet- yup! Thought the very same thing!

I mean..where is Outbreak? I want a reboot of that concept lol!

gantarat1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

That Why , people don't like it.
if they reveal RE7 or RE2 reveal before this people would not complain too much.

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

lol, me too! They still working on RE7 and RE2 remake is just being started in terms of development, I had a feeling we wouldn't see something like that their, I would assume RE7 would be at E3 next year.

Surprised about no show of Deep Down though, as it was shown at this even years ago.

gantarat1127d ago

I Think Capcom have problem with Panta Rhei Engine.

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

You could be right. RE5 still took a while before it came on consoles though. It came out 2009, so thats like 3 years or so after that gen started.

Who knows.

nitus101126d ago

I would love a RE2 and RE3 remaster with new gameplay. One feature in RE3 which had a real "Oh S&%t" moment was when you went through a door and the zombie followed you. :-)

DarkOcelet1126d ago

You mean the Nemesis. Yeah, i almost had a heart attack from that B**** XD

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zielocz3k1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

i was so excited when guy said its a 20th anniversary edition next year and they showed crappy shooter without a heart and soul, what a waste :/

PaleMoonDeath1127d ago

Honestly thought we were going to get all the Resi's in HD, Trophy support!

Nope :(

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

Well.....we still can, thats not like thats never going to happen lol (I know what you mean too in terms of thinking it would be announced today)

I had a feeling we wouldn't as RE Zero is not done or released yet, RE2's just started and I think they want the RE Zero remaster team doing another title (maybe even RE4!!!)

Who knows.

zielocz3k1127d ago

@Edmix enough of RE4 Remasters, they should remaster Outbreaks instead of making this crappy CoD like shooter... Outbreaks are classic RE games but with co-op, enjoyed them on PS2

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

@Zieloc- well it might not be the same team doing them, they could likely have a team do Outbreak and RE4 and still be fine, i don't see it as a either or.

ocelot071127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

@_-EDMIX-_ why would they go from Remastering Resident Evil 1 to Resident Evil 0 to Resident Evil 2 to Resident Evil 4? What about Resident Evil 3? Resident Evil 3 was a great game.

Resident Evil 4 was the start of Capcom moving away from the horror scene with Resident Evil and moving towards the action packed bullcrap.

I for one would also like to see a new Resident Evil Outbreak game. Or at least a remaster of the first 2. With the online co-op mode intact.

Also didn't Resident Evil 4 only just get a remaster for PC and PS3/360 like 2 years ago?

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

@ocelot-" why would they go from Remastering Resident Evil 1 to Resident Evil 0 to Resident Evil 2 to Resident Evil 4? What about Resident Evil 3? Resident Evil 3 was a great game"

Likely for the same reason the remastered RE4 before they even brought RE2002 or RE Zero out. They are not just going to go in some order LOL! That like assuming FFVI should have been remade before FFVII...

You really think that little order logic goes to real business logic?

Mind you I mean RE4 in terms of getting remastered on PS4 and XONE, not REMADE.

RE3 can still get remade, but I didn't bring it up because of timing, that same team REMAKING (legit can't stress that enough) is already doing RE2.

What I'm referring to is what the team CURRENTLY DOING RE ZERO would do after as a REMASTER, NOT A REMAKE, I suggesting that could do RE4 for a reason bud, it has to do with what the team does. They are not remaking it, they are putting it in HD and fixing up some scenes, what is being done to RE2 is a remake, that same team would likely do RE3.

"Also didn't Resident Evil 4 only just get a remaster for PC and PS3/360 like 2 years ago?"

Yes...what does that have to do with anything? I think that publishers are just remastering and remaking games in order and only if they didn't before? LMFAO! if FFX and X-2 didn't go from PS3, to PS4.

RE4 will very much likely get remastered properly and put on PS4 and XONE.

Bud...we can talk about this 20 years from now and they will be remaking or remastering SOME GAME in brain implants. lol They are never done remastering or porting games, its a business.

They will likely do RE3 after RE2, but clearly Outbreak or RE4 will likely come before that if you consider what the RE Zero team is doing in terms of remasters and NOT remakes. You'll be waiting a longer time for RE3 if you consider what RE2 is right now...its not some simple HD remaster, its a REMAKE, thus...RE4 and Outbreak are very likely to be remastered vs remade, thus likely to come out sooner then something like RE2 or RE3 fully remade.

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pompombrum1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

"Hey wouldn't it be awesome if Capcom celebrated Resident Evil's 20th anniversary with a new shooting game" - Said no Resident Evil fan ever. Two steps forward, five steps back.

FallenAngel19841127d ago

After Operation: Raccoon City its kind of hard to get excited for this

gantarat1127d ago

Well,A least it's not made by slant six.

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