Kat is Back and Defying Gravity; Gravity Rush 2 Revealed at TGS 2015

Now the journey of the charming protagonist Kat is continuing on PS4 with the reveal of its upcoming sequel.

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Thatguy-3102147d ago

Bummer for vita owners that don't have a ps4. Next yr is going to be insane!!!! The sequel looks beautiful! Can't wait to get my hands on it

never4get2147d ago

There's plenty Third Party developers developing VITA games. More Exclusive for PS4.

Genuine-User2147d ago

The first game was a gem. I'll buy this the very day it comes out.

Gazondaily2147d ago

Definitely buying this. Looks gorgeous

killerluffy1232147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Vita owners just got trolled hardcore , haha #swag

TheUndertaker852147d ago

Sure, I guess.

Until you realize Vita owners have the option of the first, right now.

callahan092147d ago

Wow! This one looks really incredible. It's just a PS4 exclusive, not a Vita cross?

S2Killinit2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Gravity Crush 2 is PS4 only. The remake is already available on Vita and will be coming to PS4 soon, i believe.

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DarkOcelet2147d ago

I have heard so many good things about Gravity Rush. I will definitely get the Remastered version and Gravity Rush 2 when its released.

remixx1162147d ago

Damn dark, I thought you would have played this by now, its fuqqin crucial.

The sequal being ps4 exclusive was an awesome move.

DarkOcelet2147d ago

I will definitely play it once its released on PS4.

I wouldn't wanna miss on such an awesome game :)

SaveFerris2147d ago

Great to see a sequel to a fun game. Slightly sad the PSVita was ignored though.

LOGICWINS2147d ago

I've talked about this before.

Sony continues axe the exclusivity of Vita titles. People buy consoles for EXCLUSIVES. Why not let Vita exclusive franchises REMAIN exclusive so people will actually buy the damn thing? :/

LOGICWINS2147d ago

LOL, now Danganronpa as well. Sonys blatantly killing the Vita before our very eyes. Guess I should thank them, I don't have any reasons to buy a Vita anymore.

TwoForce2147d ago

There are still games on Vita. You right about that, but it not like Sony Giving up the Vita for a long time. The reason why Vita get less support from other developers. Because the price was announced back then, that pissed a lot of people. I bought Vita and two exclusive games on Vita. I love it. A bit sad about Vita, but that doesn't mean it's dead. I love my PS4 and Vita, so yeah that's two wins for me.

NewMonday2147d ago

no future to the Vita outside of Japan, at least the franchise has a future on the PS4.

Freedom Wars and Souls Sacrifice should also jump to PS4, the best IP's Sony Japan made in years alongside Gravity Rush

zeuanimals2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Your logic fails. People aren't buying Vitas and not enough people have bought Vitas in the first place, not enough for Sony to continue developing for it anyway. The sales have stagnated at 10 million and it's been demonstrated that making more games for the Vita won't sell them. Hell, the 3DS/New 3DS sales are nowhere near being the monstrosities of Nintendo's previous handhelds in the same time frame.

The handheld market was huge because parents bought them for their kids, now parents are buying iPads and phones for their kids. Sure, the 53.07 million sales for the 3DS (includes New 3DS) sounds like a lot, but the installbase is likely nowhere close to that (it never is for a product that's been on the market for atleast a year). By that, I mean how many people still own one, not even including how many people still use the one they own which is another topic entirely. And don't give me anecdotal evidence, there's a larger trend that shows us what the handheld market's previous biggest buyer is now buying in its stead.

The properties that are on the Vita haven't sold well, Gravity Rush specifically, has only sold half a million copies and I doubt they've made a profit from the game nor will they ever make a profit from it if it's stuck on the Vita. Why wouldn't they utilize their IPs on hardware that will guarantee better sales? Better sales means a better chance of having sequels or funding new IPs. It's extremely

Spotie2147d ago

When the Vita came out, people did nothing but complain about how few games there were, and bitch about how it wasn't QUITE console gaming on the go. There was no shortage of criticism, despite it being an awesome handheld with great games(not that the prices of the memory cards couldn't be better).

The Vita was being proclaimed dead before the end of its first year, getting no slack(or little enough) from pretty much everywhere that wasn't a Vita owner or Sony. So, in the end, its sales have not done very well, at least outside of Japan.

Not that I don't want them to, but why would Sony continue investing money in games that won't sell because the device has gained an unwarranted stigma?

freshslicepizza2147d ago

"Not that I don't want them to, but why would Sony continue investing money in games that won't sell because the device has gained an unwarranted stigma?"

oh, so you blame some stigma for the reason why vita isn't selling well even though the psp did? it couldn't be the high price at launch? it couldn't be the expensive memory cards? it couldn't be the lack of compelling software that is makes use of the handheld and not just the same games on the console? it couldn't be the lack of interest for dedicated portable devices trying to compete against smartphones and tablets? you boil it down to some stigma? yeah sure.

Sevir2147d ago

GR was actually a PS3 game and was very far along before Shu made the decision to bring out as a vital launch title. The game was always suppose to be a console experience. Still I understand.

Vita support isn't there because it isn't lighting up the charts. It's a legacy platform for them. It does well in Japan and Asia, but that's about it.

_-EDMIX-_2147d ago

I don't know If I agree with that bud. I don't think people buy consoles for that reason. People buy them to play any games period. 3rd party support is hurting Vita (or lack of it).

They can't just have software ONLY on Vita to sell it when the money comes from Software to begin with. Its a trade off that makes sense. Plus Vita is getting a boat load of exclusive games and cross platgames.

World Of FF coming to Vita,

This game is coming to Vita..

Gundam is coming to Vita etc and many, many more.

Sooooo many games are PSV / PS4 or PSV/PS3/PS4 its not even funny. They are going to be fine with this set up as why would that hurt Vita owners?

What would that really do knowing it was ONLY coming to you? I mean....even if one wants to get the title on PS4, clearly they don't want it on Vita.

The reality is, Sony can't just force folks to play on Vita for 1 series or something, like on PC, you game there because you want to. They've tried really hard to push that handheld with exclusive content and its just not working out, why continue to lose money? If you want to game on one is stopping you, those titles coming to PS4 too are not some how making them not exist on Vita.

Yes....Gravity Rush 2 is only on PS4......well who is to say they are done with it on Vita? Many games are born on handheld and continue else where. They can't just ignorantly keep losing money by doing something like not making a console version of popular software on handheld.

They could still make more Vita games too, this doesn't mean the series is done on Vita either..

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FallenAngel19842147d ago

A remaster AND a sequel for Gravity Rush! Sony's already won TGS.

On the other hand this just further confirms they aren't going to support Vita themselves, they'll just let third parties do that for them.

mechlord2147d ago

"A remaster AND a sequel for Gravity Rush! Sony's already won TGS"

There was never a competition

vanity292147d ago

This release was crazy man.

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