Destiny's playstation exclusive content. Does it hurt the community? - IGN Fireteam Chat

IGN Fireteam Chat says, "This week we talk about a hot issue concerning platform exclusive DLC. Does it hurt the Destiny community? We discuss."

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PhoenixUp1226d ago

Nobody had an issue when Call of Dury had a lot of Xbox exclusive content back in the day, so no reason to start complaining about PlayStation exclusive Destiny content

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Lamboomington1226d ago

Sorry, but it's shitty when it's on XBOX. It's shitty when it's on Playstation.

This year's E3, Sony won that prize.

XBONE or PS4, multiplats doing platform exclusive content is simply distasteful. Sure you can include PC there, but I'm not sure how often that actually happens.

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terminallyCapricious1226d ago

I think it kinda sucks considering Destiny doesn't have much content anyways so the little it has being cut out as exclusives seems like its cutting off the fat off of a starved man.

I have had xbox for a while and while I have reaped the rewards of the 360s early content deals, I dislike console specific deals like this. Same for xbox stuff. Make exclusive first party games but stop cutting up games to sell as dlc to the highest bidder.

SnotyTheRocket1226d ago

Say what you want about Destiny, but as of today (Taken King), lacking content isn't an issue anymore.

terminallyCapricious1226d ago

Oh im not hating on the game. I've been playing it and am waiting right now for ttk to update. But Im just saying, I really dont like cut out content being sold exclusively. Maybe cosmetics but not this. Still. Im excited for ttk

LifeSaver1226d ago

Aren't Xbox getting 2 extra strike with this update. The ones that were exclusive Y1 and the Y1 exclusieve guns. So PS gets 1 extra strike and Xbox 2 (for xboxusers) new strikes. So technically Xbox gets more content with this update then PS. I think Xbox should be happy bout that

WinAttLife1226d ago

Forget about the strikes. What about the weapons that fundementally change the way pvp or pve is played? Those weapons that are now outclassed by green items from TTK. The weapons will never be a viable option on one console and that is a real shame.

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