CoD: Black Ops 3 gets series-first Aussie R18

Looks like the Call of Duty series is growing up: Black Ops 3 has netted the series its first Australian R18+ classification, meaning all of the 15-year olds lapping up Black Ops 2 will have to wait three years to play the sequel.

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bobsmith1182d ago

nice this games not holding back like baby land halo 5

Elit3Nick1182d ago

Halo only got the M rating because of the flood. Standards for an M game have been raised in the last few years, now a bit of blood isn't enough to get an M.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1181d ago

Floods in Halo 5, I think it was more the sniper headshots and the hammer?

Elit3Nick1181d ago

It's confirmed the flood isn't in Halo 5