‘Forza Motorsport 6’ Is the Best Racing Game Yet

Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Often seen as Microsoft’s answer to PlayStation’s Gran Turismo series, Turn 10 Studios’ goal with the Forza franhise has been to marry technology with experiences that get people passionate about driving in cars.

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bobsmith2139d ago

gran turismo 6 still the best the vision cars own forza

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StrayaKNT2139d ago

Come on dude gt hasn't been good since the ps2 days, Forza owns the racing genre and Forza 6 is the best Racer to ever release.

bobsmith2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

i thought it was the best too going from gt5 to forza 4. going from forza 4 back to gt6, gt is so much better
after forza 6 demo I think just another forza. When a gt releases its epic.

Rimeskeem2139d ago

They are completely different genres of racing though, arcade vs simulation. You can compare them all you want but at the end of the day the only thing they have in common is they race cars.

HaveSumNuts2139d ago

Forza 6 is the best racing game out because there's been 3 Forza games within 2 years, they'd have to get it right with how often Forza games are released.

FlexLuger2139d ago


LOL, you obviously have not played forza or driven a real car if you think forza is an arcade racer.

"You can compare them all you want but at the end of the day the only thing they have in common is they race cars."

Actually...only one of these two games simulates, tyre flex, actually calculates downforce, correctly modeled porche/RUF and VW beetle rear engined layout, has accurately modeled B-spline tyres, Has correctly simulated all wheel steering...And its not GT.

But lemme think GT academy is everything. lol

Try harder. and at least use facts next time. The last thing you can ever accuse forza of, is not recreating how the cars feel and drive accurately. Your RUFs in GT do not even mimic the pendulum effect of driving such a car, because it models it as a mid engined car with tweaked values...Do your research, kiddo...

I LOL's real hard reading your post. Just another salty PS fanboy in a forza for you that this game only got one subpar review..I guess you got tired of waiting for another one, so You jumped in on this one, eh? lol...pathetic!

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Kiwi662139d ago

Yeah Gran Turismo , the game that has like 10 versions of the same model skyline yet thats something Forza doesn't do so my moneys on forza as who wants the same car with just a different paint job , one version of each car is better

Me-Time2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )


GT still has a great variation of road and race cars. What's your point? GT games still have great things going for it. Want to compare for the sake of an honest review?


Reply to your comment when you write up your compliments for the last three FM games in order for this to be an open discussion, instead of a private message. I'll keep track of it and reply to your review of the FM series. GT5 and 6 has 60-ish Skylines and Miatas from different years. OK. Now talk about what FM3 to FM5ive has over GT3 to GT6. FM5 is a current generation game which is why I'm including a nearly two year old GT game.

If you want to talk about tuning, GT2wo competes against all FM games and dominates current GT games. There, I gave you a head start.

freshslicepizza2139d ago

i had gt5 and while it was a good game and visually impressive the series is just so sterile and lifeless. plus the whole physics with how the car reacts to hitting walls and other cars takes away the immersion. you also don't need half the cars they have and they only include them so they can market the game has so many cars. which kind of defeats the purpose of getting new games in the series when the car models are old generation assets which also takes away the immersion of the game. then you have the sound of the actual cars and it's quite clear they need to make the next gt from the ground up.

forza to me always has a perfect blend of simulation while still having a pulse and the drivatars blow away the ai in gran turismo games who just follow the same path.

3-4-52138d ago

Grand Turismo used to be the best.

Forza has taken the lead, but it doesn't mean GT is bad, it means that hopefully GT 7 can be better than Forza 6. <-- It would help progress the racing genre and then they could respond with Forza Horizon 3 & Forza 7 which will be hopefully better than GT 7 and so on......

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christocolus2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Its a truly remarkable game. Its remarkable all that the devs has been able to achieve. Great job Turn 10.

Playground games has to do a lot to beat FM6 but I'm sure they will surprise us too.

pandehz2139d ago


Is that even a thing.

Even the nfs games are better.

Izalith2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Yes. Im getting 1TB Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 6 X1 with a logo on right side says 10th Anniversary.

Hope I have it on friday or next week!

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