Metal Gear Solid V's Ending Was Actually a Great Sendoff for the Series

Twinfinite writes:

The ending to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been rather divisive, to say the least. But here's why you shouldn't hate on it too much.

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ScorpiusX1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Well if this indeed is the last one , how about a bundle contain all MGS games in one collection . Now that would be a great send off .

Hold_It1130d ago


It was a terrible ending and there's no way to justify answering why Big Boss was still alive in Metal Gear 2 was worth paying $60 for. We never saw the creation of Zanzibar Land or why and how Big Boss became evil.

Instead we got a terrible self insert character, which explains lack of dialogue for "Venom Snake", and an awful "twist". Then you have those idiots that try to justify the ending by saying well you know I've played the series for [insert amount of years here] so in a way I felt like I was Big Boss the whole time.

maximus19851130d ago

completely agree. Its a terrible way to end the series. Theres just always going to be some one that justifies this games ending in some artistic bs way. i shouldnt have to smoke weed to understand the meaning behind an ending

bunt-custardly1130d ago

"Metal Gear Solid V's Ending Was Actually a Great Sendoff for the Series"

Said no one ever.

Just kidding guys.

Timesplitter141130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I was kinda surprised to see people felt there was something missing to the story when I finished MGS. The game definitely needed more original story content, but it did answer all the questions.

MGS5's ending explicitely starts the events of MG1, and justifies why Big Boss suddenly popped into existence at the end of MGS4.

And Big Boss didn't become evil. He just became extremely protective of his Diamond Dogs, at all costs. I though this was pretty well implied in the "Shining Light Even in Death" mission.

The rest is explained in the chronological timeline and cassete tapes. They don't show the construction on Outer Haven but they can't really make a game about that. You'd just be building things

Name Last Name1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Big Boss didn't just pop into existence at the end of MGS4. It was clearly explained that his remains were kept alive by the Patriots and he was "reconstructed" using Solidus' body.

And cut mission 51 clearly shows that the ending we got was half-assed.

On the other hand, I have no problem with the medic twist and actually like it.

maximus19851130d ago

yup your in denial too. SPOILER!

Its NOT Big Boss so why do you keep saying that it explains that he became protective of his diamond dogs when its Venoms diamond dogs.

It DOESNT answer what the REAL Big Boss was doing the whole time and how he and Frank Jaeger worked together. You also never see how Solid comes to play in all this.

Jerry Seinfeld1129d ago


And just WTF was the real BB doing for those 9 years he was watching over fake BB in the hospital? Just chillin in the cafeteria? Did he keep the bandages on the whole time?

If he needed a decoy, why not use someone 9 years ago that wasn't in a coma? Why stay in the hospital and help the person everyone is after, putting Real BB in the line of fire between Fake BB and the people trying to kill Real BB, defeating the purpose of having a double?

Why did the 3rd boy and the man on fire go after fake BB? Wouldn't the young Mantis, a mind reader, and Volgan, the man on fire brought back by kiddie Mantis channeling of revenge against Real BB have known the frikin difference??

Half the missions are filler. The side ops are repetitive as all hell. Only 1 (maybe 2?) real boss fights. The world is empty. For as big as the game is, it still feels like it is missing a lot. I can feel it like a phantom pain. Like half the game was ripped away from us and I want revenge! But on who? This game gets a bit meta at this point...

Moe-Gunz1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Felt the ending was great and explained a lot.

The Phantom (Venom Snake or Ahab) is the medic from GZ, who is also supposed to be you, the player. The Phantom is the Big Boss leading Outer Heaven in Metal Gear 1 (the original MSX game), he gets killed by Solid Snake who was sent by the real Big Boss (Ishmael) leading FOXHOUND during the mission known as : Operation Intrude N313.

Big Boss planned for the Phantom to kill Solid Snake, but the opposite happens. The Phantom gets killed, and Big Boss's plan goes to shit, he then disappears to lead Zanzibar Land with Gray Fox, which starts the events of Metal Gear 2.

This ending worked as a thank you to the player and tied up the series. The real Big Boss is building Zanzibar Land while The Phantom acts a decoy.

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JackVagina1130d ago

Yeah the true fans didn't get the ending we wanted but its still an amazing game and the ending isn't bad its just not what we wanted. Still, it has amazing gameplay and is definitely one of the best stealth/TPS/Action games ever.

The game is also technically perfect aswell, runs at 1080p/60fps/Openworld pretty much no bugs what so ever except the save glitch witch Konami were kind enough to send a PSA about.

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UNKLE1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

"Metal Gear Solid V's Ending Was Actually a Great Sendoff for the Series"

No It was not...

1 hideo kojima stated hes fav character is gray fox YET gray fox didn't even appear in the game didn't even mention the name..
2. Solid snake was didn't appear in the game
3. Liquid snake have too small time in the game.
4. the after credits didn't said what happened with Solid Snake/Otacon after mgs4.
5. Big boss was never evil, and hell even major zero is good guy.. listen the tapes... the real evil was Donald Anderson and para medic.

I'm a BIG fan of the game but I wanted more, I'm a little disappointed.

the game focuses too much to quiet and the idiot parasites/zombie thing. Cant fucking believe this is the LAST Metal Gear Solid game! from kojima.

maximus19851130d ago

EXACTLY. I liked the quiet story but lets be real NO ONE is ashamed of there words and deeds when it comes to quiets half naked design. It was a stupid reason in the end to just exploit a female character. Also we didnt get any bridging of the series this in no way feels like a send off. MGS4 was a send off but this was just a rush game story wise, you could tell when your repeating missions that should be side ops just to make the game feel longer.

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