SuperPhillip Central's Super Mario Maker Levels - Part One

Phil writes, "For those uninitiated, Super Mario Maker just released on the Wii U this past Friday, at least in North America. SuperPhillip Central will have a review later this week. The game allows users to create, design, play, and share each others' levels with a worldwide audience in an official capacity. The interface is way well done, making it easy to tinker around with and create a level in a fast amount of time. Now, of course, whether that level is actually good or not is totally subjective.

With this planned reoccurring segment, I will be sharing the levels SuperPhillip Central has created and spent time on trying to make as great as they can possible be.

For this first edition, there are eight levels to share. I'll include the name, some screenshots, a description, and of course, the code to find and play the level online. After you've seen SPC's creations, please share your own in the comments section!"

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