My Problem With The Metal Gear Solid Series (A Convoluted Comparison)

VGChartz's Brandon Wysocki: "I'm a long-time user, pretty big fan, and possibly an abuser of analogies. At this point in my life it seems my brain is hard-wired to process things as analogies, and that is likely why I had this epiphany of how I should see and value the Metal Gear Solid series. You see, for me, the Metal Gear Solid series is like pornography."

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Timesplitter142147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

A big part of the enjoyment I get out of MGS is seeing how they have completely improvised the story after each iteration of the game, and none of it was planned from the start. Once you realize this, it's much easier to get past how convoluted the story appears. It's actually pretty amazing that they managed to push the story this far.

It's just fun to see the connections between games that they come up with. How MGS3, MGS:PW, and MGS5 were basically all just a big justification for why the final boss of MG1 was named "Big Boss", and why he built an evil fortress in the desert. At the time of making MG1, they probably named him that just because he was the final boss.

All these details are so much fun to think about. But if you haven't played the past games in the franchise, it's something you will definitely miss