Under new president, this is still Satoru Iwata’s Nintendo — and it’s at a crossroads

The Super Mario Bros. company has a new leader today, but he’s planning to guide the publisher in the same direction it was already marching in.

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XboxOneX1129d ago

Nintendo RIP?

I hope this is not the end for Nintendo because I have always enjoyed playing Mario and Zelda games.

LOL_WUT1128d ago

Nintendos pressence as a gaming company under Iwata has been the worst theres no way theyll ever go back to their glory days if they follow in his footsteps ;)

3-4-51129d ago

* They already have a new handheld & console in the works that have been i development for over two years.

You don't just scrap just don't.

All the mistakes and needed changes(from Wii U/3DS) were addressed from within(company), prior to them committing to new hardware.

Games are already in development for both the NX handheld & NX console.

You don't just scrap and get rid of all that.

* If Square Enix is on board for Dragon Quest 11 for the NX, then that is a good sign that 3rd party support is back for Nintendo.

Connect the dots people.

DragoonsScaleLegends1129d ago

All I know is that if I have to buy my Nintendo classics for a forth time(Cartridge/Wii/Wii U) I'm not buying their next platform. All of these games I repurchased on Wii U for a third time better transfer to this NX mystery box.

wonderfulmonkeyman1129d ago

According to Todo, not the new president.

Unless Nintendo announces otherwise at E3 2016, it's more logical to assume they'll stick with their 5 year precedent, and continue with their habit of releasing new home consoles the year following their unveiling.

That means NX in 2017.

C_Ali881128d ago

I'm aware of who said it but why say it as fact when nothing has been confirmed?

That was where my incredulity stemmed from not that it would be released in 2016....

Also it doesn't matter what you think is logical, Apple has been successful going from announcement to product launch in a matter of weeks to months. They have stated multiple times the NX a third pillar product not one to usurp 3ds and Wiiu's positions and have been changing their internal philosophy.

PigPen1129d ago

That's good news. I hope he mixes it up a little.

-Foxtrot1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

"Satoru Iwata’s Nintendo"

Is that Nintendo we want though.

Look I know it's mostly because he wants to respect the guy but he's gone, he's in charge now and if agrees some things won't work out then I hope he speaks his mind, he did think the Wii U was going to fail (and it did) so hopefully he'll have the balls to go "No...we're not doing that, I don't think it will work".

I get it, it's all about respect but if everyone was like that after their predecessors died then no company would ever change. Hell I'd understand if Nintendo were on top of the world, the Wii U was a huge success and they did everything in the book correctly where you would want to keep going but Iwata didn't really set them on that path did he.

wonderfulmonkeyman1129d ago

Considering all the profits and confidence he garnered from share holders despite the low unit sales of the Wii U, I'd say Iwata put them on a pretty damned good path for long-term success.

They said early on in the Wii U's life that they considered it to be a marathon, not a sprint, and they've done pretty well for themselves despite all their social media mis-steps.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1129d ago

I'm not a shareholder. I'm a customer. Or at least I WAS a customer until Iwata screwed it all up.

Knushwood Butt1128d ago

If the Wii U was a marathon it got carried away on a stretcher before the 11km post.

wonderfulmonkeyman1129d ago

@ Ava
You SHOULD care, though, because those profits, not the Wii U's unit sales, are what keep Nintendo in business and allow them to do things like bring Fatal Frame out over here and give Bayonetta 2 a home, amongst other things.

No matter how you spin it, Iwata did more good than bad for Nintendo.

Concertoine1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I agree that Iwata did more good than bad, and i think many people mistake longtime problems rearing their head with these problems being inherently Iwata's.

But Ava's right. For every Bayonetta there's a million multiplats that have skipped the Wii and Wii U because of its atypical hardware. Then we have stuff like voice chat or a proper network or transferrable purchases which Iwata has allowed their development houses to ignore for way too long.

Look at the gamecube, it sold poorly but people still loved it for trying new things with software. We saw a luigi game, mario in a new setting, we saw the deepest fighting game ever with Melee, we saw the two best Resident Evil games ever, and new IP's like Animal Crossing and Pikmin.

Iwata brought in numbers, but for what? For the company to stagnate with no new internal, retail IP's for over a decade, no Star fox, no F-Zero, and more Mario and Zelda reliance than ever. They got cocky and lazy and fell harder than ever, that is not the leadership i want.

I always say, objectively Iwata was the most successful CEO in gaming history. More net profit than anyone else. But to the fans, the company's refusal to adapt could only be stomached by a declining minority that were either apathetic or in it for the software alone. At this point consoles are more than just games, they're about experience, and Iwata could not see this.

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