Until Dawn Deserved Better From Sony writes:

''Until Dawn is frustrating, mostly because it feels like it’s under achieving. I’m not talking about the game’s quality, it’s easily one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a long time, it’s more on the side of it’s release. The window in which a game releases can make or break it, regardless of quality. You could create the greatest game in the world, but if barely anyone sees it, it’ll never be truly appreciated.''

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Thatguy-3102148d ago

Small budget, niche genre. Sony knows how to market these. They did the same thing with their other titles that played the same way. Word of mouth is what drives these type of experiences. You just don't see with until dawn but you see with other titles under the same genre; Heavy rain, the walking dead, life is strange etc. followed the same steps.

PixelGateUk2148d ago

Heavy Rain had TV spots and paper ads galore in the UK. The Walking Dead has a brand to go off (i mean the TV show was red hot at the time). Life is Strange i agree with, but that was download only, they never tend to get too much of a marketing push behind them

NewMonday2147d ago

Sony themselves didn't know how the game would be received after the mixed reaction to Beyond 2 Souls.

and little hype was actually good for the game because it avoided the cynicism and click bait "concern" articles that could destroy it before it ever released

word of mouth is more important and several times more effective than advertising

Until Dawn made the top 10 NPD with just 4 days of tracking and the hype was just starting, in Europe it dominated the charts and outsold MGS5PP France.

nix2147d ago

imagine if it was as covered universally as The Order. People would have laughed at its ratings. The good thing about UD is that - it was clear from the beginning what it was and no hype. Word of mouth is the strongest marketing tool ever.

TFJWM2147d ago

In NYC Until Dawn had a lot of commercials. I'd say it had the most out of all the videos games for the whole month before release.

morganfell2147d ago

Games are often not received well because of ridiculous, harmful, and laughable attempts at journalism. Pieces are no longer an objective reporting of the facts but rather opinionated tripe and a page of some hack's personal wishlist.

I laugh when someone attempts to write an article these days and point the finger at a publisher or developer (people actually doing something) when it is the shoddy gaming press responsible for 99% of the damage to the game industry. Those that Those that cannot...critique. The reading demographic deserves better.

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_-EDMIX-_2147d ago

Agreed. Gaming is hard thing to really market as you can't just convey all of what a game is in a short TV spot.

You can do a album with a small single, LMFAO! Most singles are legit 3, 4 minutes.......could you convey a game in 4 minutes? Films can also get away with the whole 50 sec tv spots etc.

Games...not so much, how many are running out to buy a game based on a TV spot? I mean...not for $60 lol. Its just not an easy medium to convey marking with many times, we really do need sit downs and long demos to really get us understanding what a game is all about.

We've seen teh Division how many times now? I still don't get what happens outside the "dark zone" lol, I'm it a RPG like Fallout? I mean they said it was a open world MMO RPG, so in my mind, when they say this and people are looting for WATER, yes...that leads me to think its something like a Fallout in terms of loot, survive, loot, survive concept lol

SOooo when I see 5.20min of that video.....yes, I believe that its like Fallout based on Fallout is an IP I know. When you don't market it that way any longer and just show makes me worry that is scene just part of the game or is that scene as part of the WHOLE concept that is The Division?

For all I know its just that one scene that happens in lol, but thats sorta my point with marketing. Some times it doesn't work in the favor of the game.

Some times its right to let it play out with very little marketing as to not have gamers going into Until Dawn with this idea that its something its not. Now that its out, its easy to market its sequels as one understand what is being marketed.

3-4-52147d ago

* Whining because more people don't like the game they do, at the same level they do ?

And blaming Sony ?

Wow.....what a child.

TheJacksonRGN2148d ago

The game ended up being the #1 trending game for the entire month of August on YT. A game that released on the 25th. The game has been getting mostly great praise. Word of mouth can do wonders for product.

KiwiViper852148d ago

Not sure if #1 trend on youtube is something to crow about.

I watched a video with all death scenes, and now have no desire to play the game myself. I feel like I've already played it...

the_dark_one2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

"I watched a video with all death scenes, and now have no desire to play the game myself. I feel like I've already played it..." lol, thats like the most dumb comment ever, cause i bet if you REALLY wanted to play the game yourself you wouldnt go to YT and watch what is essentially the "meat" of the game

PixelGateUk2148d ago

If you're only looking to view the deaths scene, then of course you'll have no desire to play it. It's just people dying, it has no context, you don't know who the person is who is dying, or even what/who/why they are dying/being killed.

I get people like to watch streams, but why would someone go out their way to ruin a game for themselves is such a way? if you want mindless death scenes i recommend The Hostel films ;)

KiwiViper852148d ago

Sorry, to clarify, it wasn't death scenes, but all choices.

the_dark_one2148d ago

it makes no difference, you purposely went to watch a video that you knew it would spoil the game for you, therefor, you dont feel the need to play the game, and thats obvious. but you know, that goes for every game out there that focus on story telling, of course games like sports, or creation games are different, but in this case if you really wanted to give the game a try(or even get it when would be cheaper) you wouldnt go watch that video

KiwiViper852148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

That's fine to put me on blast for doing it, and yes, i never had any intention of buying this game.

But you really are proving my point.

It was the number one trend on youtube...

Thatguy-3102148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Big difference in playing and experiencing it yourself. Plus YouTube acts like a marketing tactic that can make people go for the purchase. These type of games do good the more people watch them because it makes them want to try and play the game however THEY want to.

miyamoto2147d ago

There is more to it than just seeing to actually play and experience the complete game is a whole lot of difference. The music and the atmosphere of the game is just like a different character you get to play.
Play it by yourself controlling the game and you will realize and feel what kind of game this truly is.

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Ben Dover2147d ago


Wow.. do you even read what you type? It's like saying you have no desire to watch a movie because you've already seen the ending. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to spoil it and then cry about it.

Spotie2147d ago

This is such BS.

You can't possibly feel like you played it because you haven't played it. You don't know what it feels like to play it. And you never had a desire to play it in the first place.

Why WOULDN'T being the top trending game be a positive? And why wouldn't it speak even greater volumes when that was done when the game was out for just a few days, and yet was #1 for the whole month?

Why troll?

rainslacker2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

While I'm dubious of your claim, I will say that Until Dawn is one of those games you just have to try. It's not for everyone, and some people won't like it for whatever reason, but watching the choices/deaths/whatever is a far cry from the experience that it can deliver.

I didn't find the game all that scary, as some people like to make it seem like the most scary game ever, but the characters were mostly fun to get to know, the story played out well, and the concept of choice was used to great effect in this game beyond what TellTale did in The walking dead series. Watching the death scenes and the choices does not bring the same disappointment of watching a character you liked die in chapter 7 because you made the wrong choice in chapter 2.

It's the little things that matter.

More important though is that while there are some scare moments, the game has a lot of really tense and suspenseful moments, and to me, that's where this game shines. It does a great job of setting up an atmosphere of a person can die at any moment, and that suspense is what makes this game special, and is not something you can experience on YouTube while munching on Doritos and listening to some idiot yammer on thinking he's funny.

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FallenAngel19842147d ago

This game got the right amount of marketing for a niche title. Bloodborne had the Souls franchise fanbase to justify more marketing while Until Dawn had no such guarantee

wheresmymonkey2147d ago

I think Sony did a good job with it. The problem is that, even though it's a horror game if they'd released it near Haloween it would have been lost in the pre christmas crush. Adverts wise they're currently running ads before horror movies in the cinema in the UK.

they released it on a week where it had little to no competition and it's been given the room for word of mouth to help sell the game and by the time haloween rolls around i wouldn't be surprised it they droped the price for a couple of weeks.

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