How Assassins Creed: Syndicate is a Service to Fans of the Series

ThisGenGaming says "Ubisoft are well aware they made mistakes with Assassins Creed: Unity when it released last year. The game was riddled with bugs, glitches and issues at launch that took a while to fix. We know Ubisoft respect their fans as we saw them giving away games to people who bought the season pass and the first DLC to anyone who bought the game. Unity had a lot of issues, but we know that Ubisoft are capable with way more from this franchise and we’re confident that Assassins Creed: Syndicate won’t make the same mistakes that last years title did. Let’s look at why this might be the best Assassins Creed game to date and why fans of the series should be looking forward to a great game this year."

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SaveFerris1156d ago

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate has fan service? Interesting.

bixxel1156d ago

lol. They were being heavily sarcastic.

scark921156d ago

I know, we all love Pre-Release planned DLC! Go Ubisoft!

UnHoly_One1156d ago

If "we" didn't buy it like crazy then it wouldn't exist.

So yeah, I guess "we" do love it.

scark921156d ago

Good thing I do not buy it!

1156d ago
Thefreeman0121156d ago

As an old fan of AC. I think ill be missing out on this one until its in the bargin bin. AC1,2 and Brotherhood was good, Revelation, AC3 and AC:BF were all good but didnt capture the magic of the first 3 installations for me. Unity by far has been my least favorite, While the graphics look great and the world feels lush, I just have fatigue of the series and feel that the story has pulled me out of the immersive feel with the companion apps and yearly installments.

KentBlake1156d ago

Rogue is much better than Unity, IMO. Don't ignore it.

guyman1156d ago

Fan service: if by that you mean giving people the same old cr*p over and over and over and over AND over again then yea sure, why not.

AstroCyborg1156d ago

its not even ac anymore so hows it fan service & announcing dlc content before the release is never a good sign hence why the game has no hype its almost the end for ac

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The story is too old to be commented.