My joyless time with the digital sherpas of Destiny


"Go stand behind that rock. When you can, pop out and hit him with your heavy weapon."

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Lubu1182d ago

An experienced player that will help you, and teach you how to play the game and get through the end game content.

LAWSON721182d ago

Thanks seen the term earlier on a destiny lfg site and was left scratching my head lol

mogwaii1182d ago

Why would you not look the term up? How do you not already know this from school?! You have the internet at your disposal and you wait till you're on n4g to find out, a sherpa is a nepalese/tibetan guide that helps people through the mountains ect. Not a destiny specific term.

maybelovehate1182d ago

If you need a sherpa for Phogoth, Destiny might not be the game for you haha.

n4rc1182d ago

i still remember way back at launch.. playing the old level 8 phogoth or whatever it is..

i had done it a few times and jumped in with randoms... it was pretty funny watching them hide in the doorway while i ran out, yelling leroy jenkins to myself!

DrumBeat1182d ago

My joyless time with Destiny... in general.

SgtSlaughter2121182d ago

That probably means you don't have any friends that play the game. If you are playing Deatiny alone, you're doing it wrong.