Fallout 4 Dev Defends DLC Announcement Coming Before Game's Release

Last week, Bethesda announced that Fallout 4 would be getting expansion packs starting in 2016. It's not uncommon for publishers to reveal DLC before a game is out the door, but still, not everyone was happy with Bethesda's move. Now, the company's marketing executive has defended the timing of the reveal.

"I think letting folks know our thoughts on it and how it fits into our post-launch plans is a good approach," Pete Hines said to a fan on Twitter who suggested it was irresponsible to announce DLC before a game is released. This person replied to say they appreciated Hines' honesty in his response.

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Bdxxacjkfs2145d ago

Pre-order cancelled. I am not a sheep.

Master-H2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

are you an armadillo?

BeefCurtains2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Yeah, we should be pissed off. The game is still under development and they are already working on "extra" content. If the game isn't finished yet, then it is not "extra". If the "DLC" is being worked on simultaneously with the base game, it is not "DLC". It is content locked from the game for the sole purpose of twisting a gamers arm in to spending more.

Sure, I dont "have" to buy it, but clearly will be missing out.

Very sick of DLC that's created before the game launches. With the way people are buying up DLC, devs have to be laughing so hard. Rather than sell a game for $70, they can sell it for $60 and tack on another $30 with very little content.

Brotard2145d ago

Wow I hope this is a joke. The base game is probably going to be enough to last a very very long time. So just don't buy the dlc and sell the game when you are done.

wakeNbake2145d ago

Well considering Skyrim's DLC was pretty good and didnt really seem like cut content, Im ok with this.

MrSwankSinatra2145d ago

You shouldn't be pre-ordering games anyway. There is literally ZERO reason to.

skulz72145d ago

1) cheaper
2) get it delivered to your door
3) it comes earlier than release if pre ordered from right retailer.

I have no idea why people are so against it if they are going to go to a shop on release and by it anyway.

TheSaint2144d ago

Guarantee a copy, delivered to my door on release.

There's two reasons without even trying.

BongSmack2144d ago

"Guarantee a copy" Why? Cause if you don't pre order you may never find it anywhere else ever?

The only reason I can think of to pre order is if you get a discount. And even when I do pre order a game, I usually wait a few days to play. (let them work out some of the early bugs)

solar2145d ago

wait for GOTY addition. bought SkyRimJob and all the dlc for $30 off steam.

TheSaint2144d ago

Why is this even a big deal? The game is out in less than two months, of course they're working on the DLC.

I'd be disappointed if they weren't at this stage.

BongSmack2144d ago

Right? People don't understand that they don't need the entire development team to polish the game and work out the kinks at this point in development. Why not have them working on new content? Instead of you know, doing nothing. These same people who are whining about the dlc would throw a tantrum if the game was delayed a few months so they could implement the dlc into the core game.

wannabe gamer2144d ago

Just cause they are being worked on at the same time doesnt mean they will be finished at the same time

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Detox0242145d ago

Please fallout releases some of the only DLC i guarentee will be worth it. So many people buy map packs or weapon packs that are a huge waste of money. When you get fallout dlc it's usually more substantial than 90% of most full size games.

brish2144d ago

Since you guaranteed it we get our money back from you if we are not happy? ;-)

TheSaint2144d ago

Define 'happy', if there is lots of content but you simply don't like it doesn't make it bad DLC.

Dasteru2145d ago

Did anyone ever really doubt they would? This is typical of Bethesda.

Not sure why anyone is complaining though. Continued support and new content post launch is a good thing.

freshslicepizza2145d ago

when you tell people what the dlc is it becomes questionable as to why they don't just include it. however if it's just a case of telling everyone they plan of keeping support after the game ships i have no problem with that approach.

why not take advantage of being able to support your games after they ship unlike years ago where you had to wait for a new game. this also keeps the relations with the consumer stronger and longer. some won't be as tempted to sell the game after they are done which the developers see no financial aide on used games.

Dasteru2145d ago

Maybe because it hasn't been developed yet? Do you think that developers cannot know their own plans until after the content has already been made?

freshslicepizza2145d ago

that's why i gave both scenarios. we all know of games with dlc already done and ready to sell the day it ships and we also know games that have dlc done after the game ships.

georeo2145d ago

We all know dlc would be coming out any way. So focus on getting the game out, and talk about dlc later. Can't stand this crap!

akurtz2145d ago

in the form of a season pass? we didnt. they just announced it and theyre not talking about it, theyre just answering questions

ninjahunter2145d ago

Eh, fallout doesnt really have a bad reputation for DLC. Generally the base game has more content than any sane person could ever experience, then the DLC is just better content on top of that.

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