A Look at Famous Actors in Video Games

Talented voice actors such as Nolan North (Voice of Nathan Drake), Troy Baker (Voice of Ocelot) and many others breath life into our favourite video game characters. Without voice actors all the characters we cherish would be forced to be silent protagonists or speak in incoherent sounds, such as back in the Banjo Kazooie days.

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raggy-rocket1128d ago

I get a teensy bit annoyed when I hear nolan in games now. I know it's silly but I'm sick of that voice. Just seems generic now. I prefer new voice acting talent which generally makes dialogue more fresh than hearing the same voice all the time

Harrison-TGB1128d ago

Yeah unfortunately Nolan's voice has lost its novelty. Troy Baker is in just as many games but seems to have more of a range.

Although I won't be complaining when I'm playing Uncharted 4 next year.