New Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay

A 20 minute gameplay showing of the Alpha build for Star Wars: Battlefront

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crazychris41241182d ago

Grenades are now replenished by just waiting 10 seconds??? Are you kidding me?? Did they not learn anything from the last couple Battlefield games?? If you give the player plenty of grenades that are replenished quickly the matches turn into a nade fest. OP Locker and Metro were terrible to play when grenades were plentiful.

Other than that the game looks good, will have to try it out before I buy it. Hopefully we get an open beta soon.

akurtz1182d ago

they announced a beta for early october, but didnt give specifics on how to get in or if itll be open or closed

mafiahajeri1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

It's open for everyone, they confirmed that. So there's no reason to talk smack about this or that, their giving people the chance to play their game which I give them a lot of respect for. Hold your thoughts until you get to play the game for free...

I regained a lot of respect for EA in general. Star Wars beta, NFS beta they are really cleaning up their act.

nX1182d ago

If it's an open beta I'll definitely reserve my judgement for that... but what I've seen from the Alpha is not quite what I hoped for unfortunately.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1182d ago

I've said it previously the game really looks bad. Halo and black ops 3 gonna crush this game.

Still no Jedi or sith hero gameplay? Must be really bad which is why they ain't showing it. The Luke vs Vader sections looked really stiff.

antz11041181d ago

For someone that doesn't like it you post on this game alot....

Majin-vegeta1182d ago

Uhhh lockers&metro are enclosed maps that's why nades were spammable.Here it's an open field less chance of getting killed by nades...

zeuanimals1182d ago

It's DICE's take on Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warefare in the Star Wars universe (even the UI looks similar). It works in PvZ, not sure if it'd work elsewhere though.

3-4-51181d ago

Game looks awesome, but it also looks boring.

I need to see gameplay on some different maps.

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Blaze9291182d ago

Game looks like it should be free to play tbh...that or a downloadable $30 title.

Phoenix761182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

More gameplay of Hoth? Pls show us somewhere different.

akurtz1182d ago

this is the closed alpha.

Phoenix761182d ago

Doesn't matter. They keep showing you the same level map over and over again, does that not bother you? We're only 2 months from release, so by now, other videos should be shown to help stir up interest.

Rookie_Monster1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Wow...was going to be one of my Fall titles to buy but after these underwhelming gameplay videos, I am not sure anymore. :/

kingjames181182d ago

This is a "CLOSED ALPHA" That means it may look nothing like the way you see it when it is finally released. It could be missing textures in alpha some could be incomplete or not high rez, sounds could be missing or have temp sounds. This is not the complete ready to ship product hell it isn't even a closed beta...

1181d ago
Lev19031182d ago

Not worth the 60 dollar pricetag IMO. It looks like barebones.

kingjames181182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

SMH... Do people not realize what "Closed Alpha" typically means in development of a video game?

"Alpha is the stage when key gameplay functionality is implemented, and assets are ((PARTIALLY FINISHED))."

Lev19031182d ago

This and the gameplay demo looks the same. So i stand by my opinion.

1181d ago
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