An Unreleased Uncharted 2 Movie Had Drake Being Hilariously Seduced by Lazarević Instead of Chloe

Somewhere out there exists an Uncharted 2 video of Nathan Drake being seduced by Lazarević instead of Chloe. According to the Naughty Dog team, it was amazing.

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Thatguy-3102140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Me wants to see!!!!! Live how these guys joke around behind the scenes. They did the same thing when making TLoU.

itBourne2140d ago

Do not think that will ever happen lol, Nolan said it is locked up tight when he talked about it a while back. It would be funny though.

idsanty2140d ago

This is incredible. So nice that they seem to have a good time behind the scenes of such an awesome game.

level 3602140d ago

Can definitely see the race to show unreleased footage on Youtube by gamers'.
Would be great if they can put out a price to whoever gets it out first.. heh he he..

DragonDDark2140d ago

Lol this sounds awesome XD

Skate-AK2140d ago

Lol. Oh man that would be so funny. I hope it gets released somehow.

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