Nintendo's Current Trends and Impact on NX

Nintendo is at a crossroad and it is important to look at their current decisions starting with their fundamentals. The ongoing issue of online play, the lack of vision that may arise without a proper President on board... it may be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

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guywazeldatatt1133d ago

Good read. What do you think Nintendo needs to do to stay relevant in the upcoming console race?

never4get1133d ago

NX got Backward Compatibility
NX got Nintendo Exclusives
NX got Great Graphics JRPGs

ABizzel11133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Nintendo needs to nail software, hardware, and services.

They need to offer compelling software that extends beyond their established fanbase aka those of us who bought a Wii U year 1, simply because we're going to buy the console anyway knowing Smash, Kart, 3D Mario, Zelda etc... are coming. Those 4 games alone means 10m - 15m sells regardless.

Pokemon MMO alone is another 5m - 10m sales, and could be the biggest sales success of the generation.

Next it's time to take off the kids gloves and start digging up franchises that need a revival. Earthbound, Pokemon Snap 2, F-Zero, 3D Metroid, ExciteTruck, Kid Icarus (hack n slash), Splatoon 2, and more. These are the kind of games Nintendo needs to be producing, DIVERSITY. Platformers are great and easy to make for Nintendo but we need more of these A games.

Finally 3rd party is a must. Hardware backs this up, and with competitive hardware Nintendo can get a decent amount of 3rd party support by default especially if it's architecturally similar to the PS4 / XBO. This is going to be a huge uphill battle for NIntendo, but simply having the hardware they should be able to get a good amount of JP dev support getting ports of Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Dragon Quest, etc... It's the western devs that are going to be the problem, but again just having the hardware should make it easy to at least get the games that try to appear across EVERY platform (COD, Assassin's Creed, etc...). But it might be harder getting those games that stay attached to PS / Xbox.

The console needs to have a very competitive price if it's going to succeed against the PS4 / XBO ($199 - $299), because let's be frank that's the competition and they're already off to a great start, and the NX is going to be 3+ years late to the party.

If it's weaker than the XBO (1 TFLOP), then the console has to sell for $199. People will complain about it being slightly weaker than 3+ year old consoles (specifically XBO), but at $199 they can shut it, and it will still be powerful enough to handheld any multiplat the XBO & PS4 get.

If it's somewhere in-between XBO and PS4 (1.4 - 1.7 TFLOPS), then $249 - $299 would be a dream price. It would give them a lower price than both consoles (suspect $299 XBO, $329 PS4 in 2016 - 2017), making it the best value. 2 TFLOPS at $349 is the breaking point.

There are people who want 2 TFLOPS up to 4 TFLOPS, but it's a stupid decision, to have a Nintendo console cost $399 (which is what would happen), with inferior 3rd party support across the board, go head to head with the PS4 / XBO. And even worse the PS5 / XB4 will launch and destroy it spec wise. It's a much better decision to make NX another 5 year console, and launch a decently powerful console next-gen when the PS5 / XB4 launch which are going to be high end console and more than likely cost $499, so they can once again launch with a $299 console that's easily 4 - 6 TFLOPS.

They need to get their online together, their multimedia and apps, and an exclusive Nintendo service, because they are a generation behind the competition in this regard. They won't be able to beat MS or Sony in this game, but they simply need good enough. Free online is a must with decent servers to host games like Pokemon MMO. Their multimedia has to go beyond bare bones to an acceptable service. And finally something like Nintendo Prime that competes with PS+ and XBL + G4G, this isn't a must, but it's great to have a fan service program.

GamerProfessionals1133d ago

I really love this post. Looks like you put some time in to this and I greatly appreciate it. :)

marloc_x1133d ago

..or, the NX is going to be 3 years ahead of the competition😉

3-4-51133d ago

* NX Handheld & Console compatible with each other is huge for 3rd party support.

* For 3rd part developers, they can make one game, and just format it for the other.( if that is how it works..I'm not sure)

* ^ This doubles up the install base for the 3rd party dev to reach in terms of possible people buying your game.

Instead of only getting one audience of gamers, you now have the other as well, without having to commit to a second game.

* The Fans who own a NX Handheld, can play versions of the NX console games without feeling left out and the other way around for the NX console owners as well.

* This essentially doubles the amount of games possible on each platform and COULD potentially allow Nintendo to have the most games on it's consoles/handhelds in comparison to the PS4/XB1/Vita.

* Mobile games are cheap and easy to pump out.

Because they are Nintendo, they will sell a bit extra because people have wanted them for a while and the quality will most likely be higher.

This extra revenue will help give Nintendo the extra money to make more games for the NX console & Handheld and allow them to make games the console fans want without having to risk their good studios making ios games.

I like the possibilities of the future for Nintendo and I'm really excited to see what 2016 brings to us with the announcement for the NX.

wonderfulmonkeyman1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

The first thing they have to realize, is that as shallow as it is, the surface impression is an important part of getting the system to take off.

Specifically, the name and looks of the console have to be appealing.

If they can start out with that, then they'll have set a firm base to follow through on with exciting software.

Speaking of which; new games, not old ports.
Regardless of whether it's their own in-house software or software from third parties and indies, the NX will only hit a high note from day 1, if its content is filled to the brim with new games.

No one is going to go for an NX if all it's got is late ports of games from a gen or two ago.
This applies particularly strongly to multiplats.

However, that doesn't mean it should forego backwards compatibility. Having BC with the Wii U will be crucial to raising its appeal, and the added controller options that will come with native BC with the Wii/Wii U will also help consumers save some cash.
No need to buy a new pro controller when the old one works.

Finally, marketing.
Do for the NX what they did for Mario Kart/Maker and Splatoon, and the NX won't have issues selling.

RPGrinder1133d ago

You nailed it.

Nintendo knows what it is doing. Wii U has amazing software

GamerProfessionals1133d ago

Good response - and marketing really is key. They didn't market the Wii U well at all over here in the States, and its not a surprise that people mix it up with the current Wii.

FallenAngel19841133d ago

I don't think the NX will be as successful as the Master System in terms of hardware sold. The SMS was a system that was a console released during the generation better compete with the top dog and NX looks to be following in its footsteps

Picnic1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

You don't think that the NX will sell 14.8 million consoles?

That's less than mid way between what the WiiU and Gamecube have sold.

Unless Nintendo really mess up by releasing a console not much more powerful than a WiiU and by not listening to what people and developers outside of Japan want, the NX is surely going to be closer to Gamecube's overall sales, if it doesn't exceed its sales, than to WiiU's current sales.

Therefore I feel that the NX will sell more than the Master System because if it doesn't it will be seen by the public, although probably not anywhere near as much by Nintendo who always have great software sales and handheld sales to fall back on (some studios would love to sell 5.43 million copies of a game on PS4 and Xbox One combined as Mario Kart 8 managed on the WiiU alone), as a catastrophe that diminishes Nintendo stature as a home console maker.

Picnic1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Nintendo need Kingdom Hearts 3.

They need to put Zelpda Wiiu on NX so that they have a new Zelda game early. It's probably one of the reasons that the WiiU didn't have a sales leap.

They need Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon reworked for NX.

Picnic1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

If it's expensive to make WiiU discs work on the NX, then it'd be nice if each WiiU disc was allocated a unique download code that could only be used on one NX to download the game from the online store. If it has a disc drive at all but it would be annoying to those without an internet connection if it didn't.

Plus the ability to download WiiU games for those who never bought a WiiU of course.

I've never played the series myself but Kid Icarus and/or a modern Ghouls 'n' Ghosts would probably have cult popularity to attract those who lost a bit of interest in owning a Nintendo console when the original Wii came out.

I also liked it when the original Super Monkey Ball was a Gamecube exclusive for a while. The difficulty was offputting to me though so I'd like to see a new Super Monkey Ball game on NX inspired by Sega and Nintendo settings alike - a proper adventure- that is genuinely suitable for all difficulty levels. I realise later games probably did this but dispense with the monikers and try to make it special for the NX's hardware. A period of exclusivity wouldn't harm.

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