TGR's E3 Hands-On: Dead Space

The weapons available for the demo were quite varied, and each of them had a particular usefulness when fighting this particular baddie. All the firearms are essentially mining equipment Isaac has modified to fend off the necromorph aliens, and our arsenal consisted of a shotgun, a pistol and a mining laser that swept out in either a horizontal or vertical line slicing anything in its way in half. Isaac also has some light telekinetic powers which can be used to grab metal objects and throw them at foes. In this particular battle, among all the man-meat floating around the battlefield, there were a few explodable barrels that could be grabbed and flung back at the boss, which caused considerable damage.

One thing you'll quickly notice about Dead Space is the lack of a HUD. Instead, all pertinent information is relayed onscreen via holographs and clever design choices. For example, every weapon features a holographic ammo display that pops up whenever you're firing, and the menu used to change guns is holographic as well. It's also all presented in real-time, so in cases like this boss battle you need to move quickly, because hungry aliens aren't polite enough to wait around while you choose whatever weapon you wish to use to destroy them. The health system is similarly ingenious, with your current state of being displayed in a series of lights along Isaac's spinal column. As the boss thrashed Isaac about with his tentacles the lights began to go out and change from green to yellow to red, and once they're all gone, so are you. It's a very elegant solution to the traditional problems of inventory and relaying information in games that rely so heavily on atmosphere, and now every square inch of free space on screen is used to draw you further into Dead Space's world with the intent of scaring the pants off you when the time is right.

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Hellsvacancy4321d ago

it reminds me of John Carpenters The Thing which was a great movie/game