Dark Souls II is better than Dark Souls I

MonotoneCritic writes:

"Now let me get this small part out of the way before I begin explaining my opinion here, but I've experienced FromSoftware's Souls series completely out of order, so my opinions may not reflect those who have been fans of the series from the very beginning. Maybe it works out in the same vein as someone who might prefer a more recent entry in the Zelda franchise versus Ocarina of Time, though perhaps I shouldn't go that far, considering there's only less than a three year difference between the release dates of the two Souls titles, and a lot less room to be blinded by nostalgia. But maybe if it was a well known fact that a B-team versus an A-team had developed a more recent Zelda title, hardcore fans of the franchise might think more critically of the entry developed by the B-team, as any serious or even minor changes made could cause one to believe that the B-team is messing too much with the bread and butter that made the A-team's game so great in the f...

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JJShredder1155d ago

Dark Souls 1
-Better lore
-Better Environments
-Better Enemies
-Poor PC port (until Mods)

Dark Souls 2
-Better Equipment
-Better Multiplayer
-Better Estus system
-Excellent PC port

My opinions of course but I don't think either is really better than the other. Comes down to preference. I give the edge to DS2 myself in this case with Demon Souls being the best and Bloodborne at the bottom (but still excellent).

Roccetarius1155d ago

You pretty much said what made Dark Souls 1 the better one. The level design was most definitely better.

It's like they attempted to mix Demon and Dark Souls with 2, but it just didn't turn out to be quitr right. It felt more like an arcade game, honestly.

madmonkey011154d ago

order for me,
demon souls
dark souls
dark souls 2

I_am_Batman1154d ago

Haven't played the Dark Souls games yet but I really can't choose between Bloodborne and Demon's Souls. I love those games because each has a unique atmosphere.

mezati991154d ago

Dark souls 2 is my most played game in the series due to how fantastic the PVP was and that's about it. DS1 is still MILES better than DS2

nix1154d ago

i liked DS2 because you can actually eradicate the enemies after killing them many times. it made my path easier to finally meet boss. but that's just me. i did upgrade immensely while doing it. somehow i didn't finish the game though.

my list would be Demon's Souls because it really really got me absorbed and i just couldn't get that interested in DS1 and DS2. Bloodborne however changed that again. The Demon's and Bloodborne are the only two games i've actually finished.

Savsky1154d ago

The enemies also disappeared in DS1 after killing them multiple times.

Savsky1154d ago


Yeah I was wrong. Just came here to own up to it haha, had a brainfart

Vanfernal1154d ago

Devil May Cry 2 is better than Devil May Cry 1... See? We can all make ignorant statements!

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