Top 5 Reasons Let's Plays Are Awesome

While the uninitiated might not see the appeal in watching someone else play a video game, here's five great reasons why Let's Plays are clearly here to stay.

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WildArmed1130d ago

Never been a fan of let's play videos.

I'm a busy gamer, when I'm at work, I work. When I have spare time, I play instead of watching people play.

I can see why some people enjoy it, but I've always found it super boring.

I use video guides as video guides, I don't watch a 30 minute lets play for a 2min sequence I was stuck on.

Clearly there is a market for this, otherwise why else would twitch be so damn famous? I never feel to justify its existence, much like I don't think it's necessary to justify the existence of soccer. It may not be popular in the U.S., doesn't mean it doesn't have a fanbase.

rainslacker1129d ago

I like the people who say they watch them to get an idea of how the game plays, but then I wonder why they watch the ones that have some guy yammering the whole time while playing.

Seems to me they are more interested in the people yammering, and care very little for the game. Either that, or they rely on these yammering types so they can form an actual opinion on the game since they haven't played it themselves.

The number of people I see that have an opinion on the quality of a game based on a Lets play video keeps increasing, and it's really rather annoying. The Order and Until Dawn have been particularly bad on this front. Responded to a guy earlier today who said he knew what UNtil Dawn was like from watching a Let's Play of Choices/Deaths.

Such a waste of time to watch instead of play IMO, and that time isn't even getting the actual experience of playing.

I'd imagine these videos would be even more boring if it were just straight play and no talking though.

jmac531130d ago

The only time I have ever watched let's plays are when I am interested in a game and want to see how it plays rather than watch all the premotional crap the companies want you to see.

Last_Boss1130d ago

F*** those hoes, who do it to promote nothing by mainstream games & show off skin. RadBrad is the man.