Sony TGS 2015 Press Conference – What We Want to See and It’s Not Much

With Sony's TGS 2015 presser slated for tomorrow, PSLS weighs up the potential announcements that could help the Japanese giant make a statement of intent.

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StormLegend2147d ago

Gravity Rush for PS4 would be great!

Asuka2147d ago

YES PLEASE!!! I would like to see a remaster of Gravity Rush for PS4 and an announcement for Gravity Rush 2. One of my favorite games of all time, and i think i'll start a new playthrough soon because its been a few years xD

StormLegend2147d ago

100% agree! both of those things need to happen.

nX2147d ago

Most say Persona4 is the best Vita game but I think that Gravity Rush was much more special than that. Loved the art style, as we know it's coming I really can't wait for the PS4 sequel.

never4get2147d ago

PS4, PS4, PS4, PS4, PS4, PS4, give Vita! some...more PS4 please!

3-4-52146d ago

Dragon Quest 7,8 & 11 localized for the U.S./EU

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Timesplitter142147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I think we've reached a point where all the big games we were expecting have been released, confirmed, or detailed enough that we don't really need to see more (MGS5, TLG, Shenmue 3, No Man's Sky, etc...)

Aside from more TLG/FF7 details, I'd say they just need to announce new games

corroios2147d ago

New Trailer of the games that we already know and some new IP!!! We want games!!!

Darkfist2147d ago

The Last Guardian

Gravity Rush 2

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The story is too old to be commented.