Halo 5 - Building an Epic Campaign

343 Industries have released an inside look video which shows the process and passion that has gone into the development of Halo 5: Guardians, and experience an intimate glimpse into the next great adventure in the Halo universe.

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SpaceRanger2140d ago

Just a heads up for any major Halo fans.
There are potentially some small to minute "spoilers" that could be taken from the video in terms of sciences from gameplay. For the most part it's safe. I've never been a huge Halo fan, but I have to admit.. the game looks solid!

- Your friendly SpaceRanger

3-4-52140d ago

I've played every Halo game, but I've only played a total of maybe 3-4 missions out of all the campaigns there have been for Halo games.

I'm more into the multiplayer, but this will probably be the first time I try the campaign out by myself, solo, without a friend.

It looks interesting enough.

Should I read up on the story prior to it though ?

4Sh0w2140d ago

Wow, really? I've played them all at least 4 and watched a bit of the other Halo material. It's really hard to try to explain everything here but here's a nice summary vid, takes 15min but well worth the watch/listen for existing Halo fans and especially newcomers:

-Halo5 is looking like a beast, buttery smooth 60fps gameplay, superb graphics, epic music & audio, biggest story ever(hopefully the best too), kickass multiplayer with tons of maps & tons more coming for free= I really like what 343 has done with Halo5.

chrisx2140d ago

Halo 5 looks amazing so far from what ive seen. kudos to 343i

KionicWarlord2222140d ago

After reading this I don't think there's any shooter even coming close to the scale of halo 5 this year.

And not talking about the content which by itself is above any shooter release but the levels these guys are talking about in the campaign sound ridiculous.

"Framerate is king for us on Halo 5. Gameplay is defined by the way that players experience the game from controller to screen. We want the connection between you and the game to feel seamless and instantaneous. From the beginning, we set ourselves the goal of delivering consistent 60fps gameplay across all modes of play. Delivering on this goal meant re-engineering the gameplay systems at the core of our engine. It required sustained commitment from the entire team as we continually optimized the experience, and the difference it makes to the play experience is immediate and obvious.

60fps gameplay is supported by a new progressive resolution system that allows us to dynamically scale the resolution at which we render the game (up to 1080p) based on the needs of the scene. This enables us to deploy resources where they have most impact across a diverse series of experiences throughout the game while delivering the most visually stunning Halo game ever."

Thats what i like to hear.

christocolus2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

"Do you want to play the mission with vehicles or on foot? Do you want to explore every nook and cranny of the environment to discover tactical options and other hidden goodies, or do you prefer to race ahead by taking the most direct path? Will you jump into battle and lead the way, or take a more careful approach by ordering your Fireteam to clear out the enemies ahead? Each of these options plays out differently as the game reacts to your choices; that’s the beauty of the Halo sandbox."

Halo 5 is looking really good and the fact that the creative director also made Republic Commando has me very anxious to play this game.

Gazondaily2140d ago

Oh man those Spartans look amazing!

christocolus2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )


Agreed.They look really cool also the levels look much improved from those in Halo 4.

AngelicIceDiamond2140d ago

Ok this is fantastic. One of my main problems with Halo was the lack of how you go about completing missions. It was always in a similar fashion every time. But in Halo 5 variety is key and I love change in gameplay and tackling them however you want is a huge plu for me personally.

I'm definitely on board 343 got me excited now.

christocolus2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

"The campaign for Halo 5: Guardians is a sweeping adventure that will take players on an epic journey across the galaxy. Along the way you’ll visit multiple worlds, and by the end of our story, the Halo universe will be forever transformed."

Awesome. Man i cant wait to play Halo 5.

''In much of the campaign you may be playing at 1080p, but when we want to get really crazy with vehicles, visual effects and combat we can trade some of the resolution in order to maintain the crucial 60fps.''

I think this is the best way to go. great job 343i.

AngelicIceDiamond2140d ago

That is the best way to go. Halo's main strength is in its gameplay so they're doing everything they can to maintain 60 frames locked.

Technically they've always chose gameplay over graphics but in this case, that's putting it very lightly. A slight res dip in certain parts is absolutely fine with me considering I won't even notice nor would I even be looking for it because I'm focused on all the crazy action in the game.

OpieWinston2140d ago

"We’ve re-architected our game systems, services and networking to take advantage of Xbox Live cloud compute for physics and AI calculation in Warzone and campaign Co-op"

Explains why Co-op campaign supports dedicated servers. They're following Respawns model of using Cloud for AI computations.

I couldn't care less about the games resolution as long as it's atleast 720p, but if the AI are improved and not running into walls or staring at the enemy... I'm going to be having a lot of fun even when not running Co-op with my friends.

christocolus2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Nice catch. I think i missed that part. You're right though.It actually makes a lot of sense now but will there be a lot of enemies spawning at once in warzone? Cant wait to see how it all plays out.

"I couldn't care less about the games resolution as long as it's atleast 720p, "

Totally agree

Paytaa2140d ago

Nice they officially released this. Every aspect of this game is going to be epic. This is going to be the best Halo campaign I can already tell. Roll on 10.27.15.

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