Unreal Engine 4-powered 3on3 Street Basketball coming exclusively to PS4

South Korean developer JoyCity has announced this week that they’re bringing a brand new title, “3on3 Street Basketball” to PlayStation 4 using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

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SynestheticRoar1130d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to play this game.

Ginpachi-sama1130d ago

Omg sony calm down i cant play all your exclusives its just too much rip wallet

ScorpiusX1130d ago

Looks cool but I see problems with it here in the states seeing NBA2K holds everything and by everything I even mean NBA LIVE ability to a great game .

iceman061130d ago

True. But, at this point, nobody really owns the street ball game. This will be totally different. More like the old NBA Street and And 1 games than the traditional NBA titles. IMO, there's plenty of long as this doesn't try to come out at $60 it will be just fine.

Deathdeliverer1130d ago

Since there's no nba street this will be mine day one. If they ever make a Kurokos Basketball game though I don't know how I'd keep a job.