Nvidia losing support from motherboard makers

Fudzilla reports:

"We're hearing more and more rumors about Nvidia's chipset business and how the company is losing support from the motherboard manufacturers; and according to a story on The Inquirer it now looks like even the really big guys are pulling out."

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f7897903819d ago

Intel is going to crush Nvidia.

Zerodin3819d ago

When you make a sh!t product!

xsteinbachx3819d ago

You obviously don't buy or keep up with the graphics card industry.

xsteinbachx3819d ago

Update: NVIDIA says the rumors are groundless and that its chipset business is as "strong as it ever has been," and that the 790i chipset is still being made. That's that, we suppose -- but until NVIDIA comes right out and explains what's going on, these types of rumors aren't going away.

Guwapo773818d ago

Ofcourse Nvidia would deny it. They have been denying it for months. But at the same time they are forking up millions of dollars to cover repair costs. I can say it's pretty much like MS' RROD situation. But this is on a much larger scale. ...well then again maybe it ain't. 19 million 360's sold...

LeonSKennedy4Life3818d ago

Why is NVidia losing business???

They're the best!

Guwapo773818d ago

You should read the article. There is a major bug in their latest...everything. It ranges from the chipset to the graphics cards. It's crazy. Nvidia's chipsets won't be going anywhere anytime soon. After Nvidia figures out the problem and redesigns the next chip everyone will be happy. This cycle though...they are lost and ATi is getting all the business this cycle.

Nvidia is too big of a player to be permanently screwed. They'll be back and they will kick ass once again.