Elite Dangerous: Horizons Might Finally Fill Those Empty Seats In Your Ship - "It's been a hell of a year for Elite: Dangerous, the space-based, massively-multiplayer title from Frontier Developments, and it doesn't look like things will be slowing down anytime soon. In the months since launch, the studio has published three sizable updates, including the Powerplay Update that went live earlier this summer. A fourth, the upcoming Close Quarters Combat patch, introduces a new PvP mode that exists entirely separate from the primary Elite: Dangerous experience. And a chat with Frontier Developments product manager Ben Dowie, recorded in the studio's PAX Prime booth, suggests there's still plenty more for Elite: Dangerous players to look forward to."

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FlexLuger1133d ago

Loving this game on XB1. Its downright daunting to play. On my first attempt at the real game, after doing the tutorials. The first thing I did was open up the galaxy map...and I nearly wet myself...flew around for a bit..ran out of fuel near a sun....

So I turned the game off and reloaded it....My ship was still orbiting a sun with no fuel! lol. Did a proper restart, and now Im taking my time with the game. Its massive.

Dinkis1133d ago

Hey man. I know how you feel. I think I got it now but there's still parts of the game like powerplay I don't fully understand. Got trading down almost to a science. Let me know if you want help in that department I kcould kick start you and you will be on your way to millions of credits per hour. GT Rabbi Dinkis

FlexLuger1133d ago

Im gonna inbox, you my gamertag! could deffo use some help on this game. Its immense.

Allsystemgamer1133d ago

There's a group of players that will refuel you if you run out. I forget the site but you tell them your ID/GT and send a friend request. Then you tell them where you are and they come refuel you

user99502791133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

ED is amazing. unlike anything ive ever played. makes my inner scifi geek go wild.

though I would really like to be able to get out of my seat and move around the cabin during long hauls to outer planets. there have been times when it takes 10 minutes or so, and others where i temper my speed to prolong the trip a bit.

Maxor1133d ago

Sony totally dropped the ball by not picking this title up before MS did.

Dinkis1132d ago

How did they drop the ball? They can't get everything